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Although Steven Tyler may look like an aging transvestite, there was no doubt that Aerosmith was one of the top Rock acts of the 70’s.  With a successful comeback in the 80’s that lasted well over a decade, the band cemented their legacy as one of the most well known Rock bands in American history.

Inducted in 2001.  From Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. 

Tom Hamilton (bass), Joey Kramer (drums), Joe Perry (guitar), Steven Tyler (vocals), Brad Whitford (guitar)

Should Aerosmith be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely, they deserve to be there. - 92.9%
I am fine with this induction. - 7.1%
Others deserve it ahead of them, but it's not the end of the world. - 0%
No opinion. - 0%
Kick these artists out! - 0%


Feb 24, 2023

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Draw The Line
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-1 #1 jimmy26 -0001-11-30 00:00
Aretha is the Queen of Soul. No doubt. And yes she most definitely deserves to be in the rock and roll hall of fame but I really believe if you look at her induction you will most definitely see the flaws in the process. Aretha may be the most overrated singing artist fo all time when you consider popularity. She is nowhere near other artists inclding the female ones she most often is compared to. Her album sales are weak. Britny Spears has 3 times as many album sales and let's not even talk about Shania or mariah. She did have a slew of hits but only one really extraordinar ily popular tune. She has also never been a huge draw on the concert scene. She is universally acclaimed by her peers and critiques and her voice is legendary. She has the most all time grammy wins but that of course is because of her reputation and status. With that rep I still beleieve she is a deserved hall of fame honoree just not on the level of some others. The thing that really bothers me is that the hall keeps putting in people who are not rock because of their popularity tries to rationalize this. Aretha is not rock. She is soul and pop. Close but nowhere like a Tina Turner or Janis joplin or not half as much as a Joan Jett. If that is part of the reasoning then these ladies should be way ahead of Aretha is being put in. Tina's not in. Joan's not in. Heck Heart is not in and they are way more rock than Aretha ever thought of being. Don't get me wrong I truly believe Aretha deserves this recognition just not ahead of other real rocking ladies with not so near the rep. if it's all based on rep and not rock then put in Barbra too.

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