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The Ronettes

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The Ronettes

The great girl group of the early 60’s was fronted by the sultry voiced Ronnie Spector who was quite the exotic beauty in her day.  It was said that Phil Spector had lobbied for years to deny the Ronettes to the Hall due to his acrimonious divorce from Ronnie and considering they were inducted soon after Phil’s legal woes there seems to be some credence to that story.

Inducted in 2007.  From New York City, New York, U.S.A.

Estelle Bennett (vocals), Ronnie Spector (lead vocals), Nedra Talley (vocals)

Should The Ronettes be in the Hall of Fame?

I totally agree with this induction. - 100%
I am fine with this induction. - 0%
I do not agree with this induction, but it does not bother me. - 0%
No opinion. - 0%
Kick them out! - 0%
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