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28. The Baha Men

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28.  The Baha Men

Who Let the Dogs Out?
Highest Billboard Position:
#40 in 2000

We love the Caribbean.  It is a great place to vacation and has an underappreciated culture.  Musically, the Islands have given a lot to the Globe; Jamaica gave us Bob Marley, The Barbados gave us Rihanna and The Bahamas gave us….The Baha Men.

Doesn’t seem equal does it?  Their song, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” could be one of the most annoying songs ever produced, and is still overplayed in many sports arenas across the country.  It actually didn’t get that high on the charts, but it certainly reached a level of popularity due to the repetitive chorus.  People who love this song call it infectious; but so is Herpes.  Who let this crap out?

How awful is Who Let the Dogs Out?

I totally agree, Who Let the Dogs Out? is god awful! - 26.7%
Who Let the Dogs Out? is bad, but there is much worse. - 0%
Who Let the Dogs Out? is actually a guilty pleasure. - 53.3%
No opinion. - 0%
You are nuts, Who Let the Dogs Out? is amazing. - 20%
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