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26. Conway Twitty

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Conway Twitty

You’ve Never Been This Far Before
Highest Billboard Position:
#22 in 1973

Country Music as its best can tell a great story and many a country song from the 1970’s did that brilliantly.  However there are times that despite its good intentions, some stories really don’t need to be told.  In 1973, Conway Twitty (then aged 41), released “You’ve Never Been This Far Before” which lyrically depicts the deflowering of a young woman by Twitty.  In this era of Chris Hansen’s Dateline expose of pedophiles this song (although unintended) seems to depict a perfect score to that moment.  As Twitty, croons about his “trembling fingers touching forbidden places” the creeper factor is through the roof.  Likely, if we caroused through old Country vinyls we may find songs that have more shades of wrong, but there is something about this particular song by the pompadoured Twitty that makes us feel more uncomfortable than others.  Pum pum pum.

How awful is You’ve Never Been This Far Before?

I totally agree, You’ve Never Been This Far Before is god awful! - 45.5%
You’ve Never Been This Far Before is bad, but there is much worse. - 0%
You’ve Never Been This Far Before is actually a guilty pleasure. - 4.5%
No opinion. - 0%
You are nuts, You’ve Never Been This Far Before is amazing. - 50%
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