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Ted Nugent speaks about the Rock Hall

Ted Nugent speaks about the Rock Hall
13 Aug
Not in Hall of Fame
Is Ted Nugent a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer?

If you ask the Motor City Madman, he would certainly say yes but his association with the NRA is why he has been omitted.

This was essentially what he said when he was interviewed by Albany Q103:

“Jan Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone and the boss hog at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he hates freedom, he hates the Second Amendment, he hates me, because I’m on the Board of Directors – quite proudly – of the National Rifle Association…so that’s the only reason I’m not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

He would however go on to say that he would accept the invitation should he be invited.

Is this something we should hold our breath on?

For what it is worth, Nugent is ranked #198 by us on our Rock and Roll list.
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