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Pat McAfee Abruptly Retires

Pat McAfee Abruptly Retires
03 Feb
Not in Hall of Fame
Generally, we don’t really talk about the retirement of NFL Punters, or Punters in general, but we do feel compelled to mention that Pat McAfee of the Indianapolis Colts has retired.

McAfee, who is only 29, was a very popular player amongst the Colts fans, both for his skill and for his quirky personality.  He actually ranked third in jersey sales on the team.  He retired from the NFL to join the growing website Barstool Sports.

The Punter is a former two time Pro Bowler and one time First Team All Pro Selection.

While we don’t see him as a Pro Football Hall of Famer, he is eligible in 2022 and we will be profiling him once our 2022 Football Futures are up.

We here at would like to congratulate Pat McAfee on a great career and wish him the best at Barstool Sports. 

Now maybe we should get a former Punter to work for us!
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