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The Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's First Class is announced!

The Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's First Class is announced!
08 Oct
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This is a big day for us.

After three rounds, the Preliminary, the Semi-Finals and the Finals, the Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced the first class after one full year of online voting from all of you.

We are pleased to announce that the Blues Brothers, Spinal Tap and the Monkees have been selected by all of you as the first full class of the Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Portrayed by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, the Blues Brothers received the most votes.  “Joliet” Jake and Elwood Blues fronted an all-star band that was originally seen on Saturday Night Live.  In their 1980 feature film, the siblings were on “a mission from God” and inadvertently introduced classic blues music to a new generation.

Finishing second in the vote was Spinal Tap, who were also portrayed by Saturday Night Live alumnus.  Michael McKean (David St. Hubbins), Christopher Guest (Nigel Tufnel) and Harry Shearer (Derek Smalls) created what is considered to be the best “mockumentary” of all time and is considered a classic. 

The final inductees of the first class are the Monkees, who were assembled to portray a fictional band but would later become one.  The Monkees (Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz) were one of the most successful pop groups of the 1960’s.

These three inductees beat out the following finalists (in order of their vote totals) in the Final Round:

- Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem (The Muppets)

- Tenacious D (Tenacious D)

- The Wonders (That Thing You Do!)

- Otis Day & The Knights (Animal House)

- Wyld Stallyns (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure)

- Eddie and the Cruisers (Eddie and the Cruisers)

- The Commitments (The Commitments)

- Ricky Ricardo (I Love Lucy)

- Alvin and the Chipmunks

- The Archies (The Archie Show)

- The School of Rock (School of Rock)

- Stillwater (Almost Famous)

Voting is now open for the Preliminary round for the 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class. 

Like last year, there will be a Preliminary round leading to 40 Semi-Finalist Candidates, which will pared down to 15 Finalists. 

The site can be found here:

We encourage you all to cast your vote for next year and thank you for your support for this endeavor!

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