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Ron Santo (1940 - 2010) is sad to learn of the passing of Ron Santo, our #11 Selection on our Baseball list.  Santo may go down as one of the most popular Chicago Cubs of all time, and many of his fans have long considered his omission from the Baseball Hall of Fame to be an injustice.  In his first year of eligibility, he recieved less than five percent of the vote and was thus dropped from the ballot; though he was placed back on five years later.  His support grew, but in his final year of eligibility, he received 43.1 percent of the vote, which though is a healthy moment, was still well short of the 75 percent required for induction.


Although the biggest wave of support comes from Cubs fans, the Sabremetric world has rallied behind Santo, where famed statistician, Bill James has named the third baseman as one of the top one hundred players of all time.  This type of momentum and continued love in Chicago has kept Santo as a name often brandished about by the Veterans Committee.  Ron Santo may still yet get into the Hall of Fame, but any induction will now be posthumous.


Ron Santo 1940-2010

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