2014 WWE List Revision Ideas

7 years 7 months ago - 7 years 7 months ago #679 by Dr Clayton Forrester
I'm having a problem viewing the articles on the main page. For some reason the links just link me back to the main page and do not open the articles. Not sure what's going on with that. Probably an issue on my end. But I can view the actual lists thankfully.

I'd like to start with the celebrity list though before moving on to the others.


1. Muhammad Ali
2. Andy Kaufman
3. Mr T.
4. Cyndi Lauper
5. Donald Trump
6. Floyd Mayweather
7. David Arquette
8. Lawrence Taylor
9. Dennis Rodman
10. William Shatner

Obviously Mr T and Donald Trump need to be removed and replaced. I would suggest Bob Barker and Arnold Schwarzenegger given the location in California next year.

I still must voice my dislike of Rodman being on the list. Simply because he was a WCW celebrity, not well thought of because he would stand WCW up, and he's now hanging around a cruel dictator. I think replacing him with Chuck Norris (in time for Mania in Texas) would be a good idea.

I also am not a fan of Arquette being on it because he was a WCW celebrity, isn't very relevant, and represents in his title win everything that can go wrong in the business. Not sure if WWE wants to honor that no matter how nice of a guy he is.

Finally I think Cyndi Lauper should be bumped to the number 1 spot. Her, Mr T, and Mike Tyson had the most impact on WWE with their status and I am of the belief that without her, WWE would not exist today.


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7 years 6 months ago #681 by Committee Chairman
Lauper is definitely moving up. I can promise you that!

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7 years 6 months ago - 7 years 6 months ago #685 by Dr Clayton Forrester
Well that's good.

I guess we'll move on to the future candidates list.

These are people who I think deserve to be added at this point.

Daniel Bryan (future headliner)
The Miz (main evented Wrestlemania)
Mickie James (former womens champion)
Michael Cole (lead commentator for many years)

I think even Cody Rhodes could probably be added at this point. He's certainly deserves it more than Bobby Lashley or Michelle McCool.

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7 years 6 months ago #690 by Committee Chairman
Good point. We wrote the Mickey James piece already. Our webmaster is a little beat up on all the changes we are going through, but i can agree with Bryan and Miz. Rhodes however, is still younger than 30, and i think he has more upswing than levelling off.

Is there anyone else you are thinking about?

Thoughts on John Morrison?

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7 years 6 months ago #691 by Dr Clayton Forrester
John Morrison is another future candidate. Though he's going to have to return soon to help give him a higher ranking when the time comes.

As for Rhodes, I agree that he hasn't leveled off yet. In a way he's sorta taking the Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels path to the Hall of Fame. Midcard and tag division success for years followed by his 30s being in the main event at various times.

Not trying to drown your webmaster colleague in endless changes, but I haven't even gotten to the main list yet. :P

I basically just want to make sure that the top 300 really are the top 300 most likely and deserving people to be inducted. I thought of 100 names. Some might be more worthy than say Eric Embry and some may not be worth the mention. Some are just reaffirmation of why they shouldn't be included as of 2014. I figured I'd list them in groups of 10 to see what people think. Sound good?

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7 years 6 months ago #694 by Committee Chairman
Sounds good to me!

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7 years 6 months ago #695 by Dr Clayton Forrester
Here are ten of the weaker names (IMO) on the main list.

Buck Robley
Scott Irwin
Eric Embry
Rip Oliver
Bunkhouse Buck
Jose Estrada
Tor Kamata
Chris Kanyon
Brad Armstrong
Sho Funaki

Do these guys stand up to the previous ten in terms of being more deserving and likely to get into the WWE Hall of Fame? Listed randomly.

Adam Bomb
Roy Shire
Ed "Strangler" Lewis
Killer Khan
"Handsome" Johnny Barend
Terri Runnels
"Dangerous" Danny Davis
Sean Mooney
"Prettyboy" Larry Sharpe
Tom Zenk

Adam Bomb didn't have much success in wrestling. He was somewhat memorable to 90s wrestling fans. KroniK might have been more had they not sucked in WWE. Vote NO

Roy Shire was a successful wrestler and legendary promoter in San Francisco aka the location of next years WrestleMania. That alone I think warrants him a spot over Rip Oliver. :p Vote YES.

Though we both agree that WWE has no real interest in inducting guys that predate the television era, I still find it more likely that WWE would consider inducting Ed "Strangler" Lewis over someone like Tor Kamata or Buck Robley. But for the sake of keeping a firm line on pre television era guys not being included, I guess the vote is NO.

Killer Khan had a rather big feud with Andre the Giant, but that's about it. I can't really say he's worth fighting for a spot in the top 300. Vote NO.

"Handsome" Johnny Barend had a decent career within WWE. Two time WWWF United States Champion. Won various belts across the territories. Was good friends with Buddy Rogers. They actually discovered the original WWWF Heavyweight Championship in Johnny's attic after he passed. I think he deserves it more than Buck Robley. I vote YES.

Terri Runnels had a "so so" run as a manager. Yet I see her being considered only for the fact that WWE has some sort of unshakeable need to induct a Diva each year. I'll vote NO for now but it's something to think about.

They just recently flew "Dangerous" Danny Davis down to WrestleMania 30 for a backstage skit. His crooked referee gimmick really is the mold for Nick Patrick or Scott Armstrong. I think I vote YES.

Sean Mooney didn't have a very long career, but the time he spent with WWE was memorable. He was certainly better than Todd Pettengil, Kevin Kelly, or Renee Young when it came to conducting backstage interviews. They seem to like him enough to where they've brought him back for dvd interviews and old school appearances. I actually vote YES.

"Prettyboy" Larry Sharpe was a seasoned wrestler and got a minor push in the WWE back in the early 80s. His greatest contribution is the fact that he trained so many stars. Sheamus, King Kong Bundy, Chris Candido, Tatanka, Bam Bam Bigelow, Raven, Tony Atlas, The Godfather, Big Show etc. I vote YES.

Tom Zenk just never really took off. He got to WrestleMania 3 though. Highlight of his career. Vote NO.

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7 years 6 months ago #696 by Committee Chairman
I love this stuff!

Ok.... I can't disagree that the ten you mentioned are a bottom feeders somewhat...or a lot.

As for the ten... here are my personal thoughts...

Robley has been praised a lot...(granted after his death) for his booking mind. That probably factored in to him working his way on to the 300.

Scott was factored in for his Yukon Lumberjack stint in the WWWF

Embry, like Robley, was another whose mind was praised.

As for Funaki (Again, speaking personally), he was a personal favourite of mine...because he was EVIL.

Armstrong and Kanyon were so damn good in the ring. When this was first put together, ring ability was one of the considerations.

Agreed on Bomb.... NO!

Shire is interesting. A lot of great material came out of SF. That could be a possibility for the next revision in a few months.

Same with Barend, i think you made a strong case for him. he will probably sneak in to.

Davis was a the best crooked ref of all time, and the got a lot of milage on that. Plus he was a ref for years after, and before for that matter, and this might be a bit of an oversight on our part. Hell, as "Mr. X" he got into the Land of 1,000 Dances video!

Terri was just T&A, so interchangeable. Can't see it.

Now i like you bringing up Sharpe. You are right, as if we look at just his in ring work, there isn't a case, but as a trainer, yes he discovered a lot of talent and should be worth something. Agreed, he will go in.

Now personally, i detested Mooney, but wouldn't Todd Pettengil be more deserving? Though i hated him too.

Killer Khan...I think he is another on the bubble, though could i see him taking Kamata's spot. Maybe. We should put them head to head maybe....

Zenk? Only an MVP for his shoot interviews on Martel!


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7 years 6 months ago #697 by Dr Clayton Forrester
We agree that Adam Bomb, Terri Runnels, Tom Zenk, and Ed "Strangler" Lewis are a NO

We agree that Roy Shire, Larry Sharpe, Johnny Barend, and Danny Davis are a YES.

Killer Khan and Tor Kamata are probably evenly matched. One had a more notable feud in their career and the other won more championships. But I just don't feel like either are worth fighting over or are on the radar when it comes to the WWE Hall of Fame. Killer Khan actually probably has the advantage simply because he is alive. But once we go through all 100 people I'm about to list, I'm fairly certainly they won't stand a chance.

Sean Mooney I find much more tolerable than Todd Pettengil (boy did I hate him). Mooney usually kept it on the straight and narrow where Mean Gene and Lord Alfred were characters. He was the perfect compliment to them. Not saying he deserves a high ranking or anything, but when representing the Kevin Kelly's or the Craig DeGeorge's of the WWE, I think he's the top guy.

We'll keep Killer Khan and Sean Mooney in the MAYBE column.

We will have to get back to the current bottom feeders at the end. They're just good for reference when comparing them to the new considerations. Though I can't see them (or a few others) surviving.

Next 10

Stanislaus Zbyszko
Disco Inferno
Johnny Saint
Tony Parisi
Bart Gunn
Bobby Davis
Bronko Nagurski
Paul Boesch
Rockin Robin

Stanislaus was a big name before the television era and even took the championship off Lewis. But like Lewis, gotta remain consistent and keep him off the list. Vote NO.

Disco Inferno was certainly a popular character in the late 90s. His theme music was certainly over. Can't say much for him as a wrestler though. He'll never get into the Hall of Fame but then again there are a lot of guys at the bottom of the list who have no more of a claim than he does. But right now I vote NO.

Johnny Saint was a popular English wrestler back in the territory days. Trained by Billy Robinson. He is talented enough to make the list even if he wasn't big the states. He wouldn't be a bad addition to the back end of the list. Plus he's alive. Vote YES.

Tony Parisi aka Antonio Pugliese had a solid WWE career with many now defunct championships to his credit. They even billed him as the cousin of Bruno Sammartino which probably didn't hurt his success. I vote YES.

Bart Gunn was probably one half of the most successful tag team the WWE had in the mid 90s. Of course...that was the mid 90s. But people do remember the Smoking Gunns. Not to mention he is famous for ruining Dr Death during the Brawl for All tournament (who they thought would easily win) and then getting knocked out by Butterbean. For those credits, I vote YES.

Bobby Davis was actually just mentioned on RAW a week or two ago. The guy managed just about everyone in the WWE from the late 50s to the mid 60s including Buddy Rogers, the Graham Brothers, Bill Miller, Gorilla Monsoon, Johnny Barend and so on. He's still alive and some footage of him did survive, but he is largely overlooked these days. Vote YES.

Gangrel is very much on the level of Disco Inferno. Popular gimmick but his impact on the business is very little. So I'm going to go ahead and vote NO.

Bronko Nagurski is already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is certainly remembered for his championship wins. His career did graze the television era but not by much. He's dead and never worked for the WWE. So like Lewis, gonna vote NO.

Paul Boesch was considered for induction in 2009 when they were in Texas. That alone probably gets him a seat at the table. When he retired as a wrestler he became a promoter and thus there's footage of him out there like Shire. WWE did put on a retirement show for Boesch in 1987 and Jim Ross says he should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Plus Mania might be going back to Texas in 2016. So I vote YES.

Rockin Robin had a hard life being the daughter of Grizzly Smith. But she did win the womens championship in 1988. That said, the belt eventually was ignored until she retired in 1990. Her five year career seems to be on par with most divas these days. But I'd say Torrie Wilson has a better shot at induction. Vote NO.

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7 years 6 months ago #698 by Committee Chairman
I like your thoughts here.

Boesch to me is on the same level of Shire (IMO) and i have already convinced myself to elevate Sire to the main list....so agreed.

Gunn was someone who almost made it....Inferno wasn't far behind....

Now Johnny Saint!

There is a name I haven't thought about for years! You are 100 percent right. What a talent! I was inspired (and encourage everyone) just to YouTube this guys material.

Clayton, would you give him Rollerball's spot? Though Rocco dod compete in MSG.

Rockin Robin? She sucked as bad as she sang. (Remember WM V?)

Let me throw a name at you that i have been mulling about.... Whipper Billy Watson.

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