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13. Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett was one of the best players in the NBA, and he carried the Minnesota Timberwolves for years. But there was only so far he could take them without having any real star power around him.  Garnett grew frustrated, and he was traded to the Boston Celtics who gave up five players and two number one picks for the former MVP.  The Celtics had also acquired Ray Allen, and along with incumbent, Paul Pierce, Boston had a big three that content with anyone, and they did so immediately!

Kevin Garnett Retires, joins Kobe and Tim as surefire 1st ballot HOFers in 2021.

We have been expecting this day all week.

Kevin Garnett of the Minnesota Timberwolves announced his retirement over his Instagram page.  This will conclude a productive 21 Year Career in which the big man Farragut Academy would cement a legacy as one of the most intense and defensive minded players of all time.

Garnett came into the NBA as the first high school player in twenty years and while many were concerned that a player out of high school could not make the jump to the NBA, though Garnett quickly silenced those critics and opened the door for high schoolers (for better or for worse) to enter the elite professional rank without having to go to college.

Drafted 5th overall in 1995 by the Minnesota Timberwolves, the 7’ 1” Garnett would make Minnesota a credible team and for many a must watch in the league.  KG would become an All Star 15 times, capture First Team All-Defensive honors 9 times and make the First Team All-NBA squad four times.  He would also win the Rebounding title four times. 

Seemingly on his shoulders, Garnett would take the T-Wolves to the playoffs multiple times but lacked the help to take them deep into the playoffs.  A shocking trade to the Boston Celtics would put together a team good enough to win the NBA Championship in 2008.  Garnett would later be traded to the New Jersey Nets and would come back to Minnesota to finish out his professional career.

Kevin Garnett will be eligible for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2021, the same year that Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan become eligible. 

Can you imagine that Hall of Fame Class?

We can, and are planning our trip to Springfield already!

The Top 50 Minnesota Timberwolves of All-Time are now up

This is a long process isn’t it?

As many of you are aware, we are in the process of working on another series of lists here at  That is the Top 50 players of every major North American Franchise.  As such, we are proud to present our second team (all of which whose order has been chosen at random), the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Granted, we know that Minnesota has not been an overly successful franchise, but the process means that we have to do them all!

Clearly the number one choice is obvious, the recently retired Kevin Garnett, but the fun part is watching this list change with it being a young franchise.

We will give you the top five now for those of you interested:

1. Kevin Garnett

2. Kevin Love

3. Wally Szczerbiak

4. Terrell Brandon

5. Tom Gugliotta

Who are the rest?

You can find them here:

We will be unveiling another franchise from Minnesota, the Minnesota Vikings.

As always, we here at thank you for your support!

The 2021 Basketball Futures are now up!

As always, we here at have been diligently working on expanding our website, and we have a small addition to our Basketball section, the 2021 Basketball Futures.

As many of you know, the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame has reduced the eligibility wait by one year, thus making everyone eligible five years after their career ends in the National Basketball Association. 

We know this much.  Once you take a look at the group that is eligible and see the three certain first ballot Hall of Famers, perhaps you will wish to join us on our pilgrimage to Springfield, Massachusetts in 2021!

The 2021 Future Eligible Basketball Players are: 

Tim Duncan, a Center from St. Croix who would play his entire career with the San Antonio Spurs.  Duncan was a ten time First Team All NBA Selection, a five time NBA Champion and a two time MVP.

Mo Williams, a one time All Star with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kobe Bryant, a ferocious scorer who took the Los Angeles Lakers to five NBA Championships.  He is also a one time NBA MVP and eleven time First Team All Pro Selection. 

Kevin Garnett, a prep to star player who helped the Boston Celtics win the NBA Championship and WAS the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Garnett is a former NBA MVP and four time First Team All NBA Selection.

Elton Brand, a two time All Star.

Amar’e Stoudemire, a six time All Star who would be named to an All-NBA team five times.

Duncan, Bryant and Garnett?  All three of them will (and better) enter the Basketball Hall of Fame on their first go and if they don’t the entire institution should be blown up.

Realistically, we are not worried about that not happening and are assuming that this will be one of the greatest trios to enter the Hall of Fame together. 

Major Update: Our Basketball List has been revised

We have another major update here at as our Basketball list of those who should be considered for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame has gone through a significant revision.

Last April during the Final Four, 4 of our top 10 were selected (Steve Nash #1, Jason Kidd #2, Ray Allen #3 and Grant Hill #5), as was another former player in our top 15 (Maurice Cheeks #15). With four leaving our top five, the peak of our list is being overhauled but it will feature three new entries in the top three who we think will make the 2019 Basketball Hall of Fame Class the most loaded ever as we think they are all a lock to get in.

Before we get to our revised Basketball list please note that we only rank male players at this time.

Our Basketball Top Ten is:

Tim Duncan makes his first and what we expect his last appearance on our list at the top spot. Duncan did it all in the NBA winning the MVP twice and the NBA Championship five times in a career spent entirely with the San Antonio Spurs. Duncan would go to 15 All Star Games, was chosen for 10 First Team All-NBA and 8 First Team All-Defensive rosters. He is also in the top ten in Rebounds, Defensive Rebounds, Blocks, Win Shares, VORP and Games Played not to mention being a consensus All-American from Wake Forest.

It takes a player like Tim Duncan to have a megastar like Kobe Bryant debut at #2. Bryant played his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers and he is a five time NBA Champion and one time MVP. Bryant retired third all-time in Points. While we feel Duncan was the better player than Bryant there is no doubt that both are first ballot inductees. We would take Tim over Kobe but the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame won’t see it that way. Kobe is the bona fide headliner.

Kevin Garnett arrives in at #3. Amazingly despite being a former MVP himself, a Defensive Player of the Year, and a 15 time All Star he is still behind Duncan and Bryant. Garnett was a legend with the Minnesota Timberwolves but late in his career he led a group of veterans to a NBA Championship with the Boston Celtics. He is currently 2nd overall in Defensive Rebounds and 4th in VORP. This is quite the “big three” for the Class of 2019 right?

Chris Webber returns at #4. C-Webb was a Finalist last year but will face the same stiff competition in 2019. The former Rookie of the Year is a five time All Star.

Sidney Moncrief comes in at #5. The former two time NBA Defensive Player of the Year was named an All Star five times and was also a former SWC Player of the Year.

The #6 spot also holds the same as Jack Sikma returns to that slot. The big man from Illinois Wesleyan was a seven time All Star and a former NBA Champion with the Seattle Super Sonics.

Ben Wallace moved up from #8 to #7. Wallace was a four time All Star and a four time Defensive Player of the Year and was part of the shocking Detroit Pistons team that won the 2004 NBA Championship.

Shawn Kemp also moved up one spot to #8. Kemp was a six time All Star and three Second Team All-NBA Selection.

We go way back for our #9 selection, Max Zaslofsky who also went up one rank. Zaslofsky was an All Star in 1952 and was a First Team All BAA selection three times in the late 1940’s.

For the first time, Mark Aguirre is in our top ten. He moved up one spot from #11. The longtime Detroit Piston is a two time NBA Champion and three time All Star.

There is one more entry to our Basketball list as Elton Brand debuts at #50. Brand is a former ACC Player of the Year and two time All Star.

You know what we want you to do!

Take a look at our new list cast your votes, and offers us your opinions as they help us in future lists.

As always, we here at thank you for your support and we will be bringing to you more lists and content in the future.

The Boston Celtics will retire Kevin Garnett's number next year

Regular visitors of know that we are slowly working on the top 50 of every major team in the NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB. Once that is done, we intend to look at how each team honor their past players, coaches and executives.  As such, it is news to us that the Boston Celtics will be retiring the #5 of Kevin Garnett next season.

Debuting for the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1995, Kevin Garnett plated for them until 2007.  Garnett was a perennial All-Star and he was the 2003-04 MVP, but he grew frustrated with the team and sought a new environment.  Minnesota dealt Garnett to Boston for multiple players and picks, and his new team also signed Ray Allen, who was a free agent.  Together with Paul Pierce, the Celtics had a “Big Three” and they gelled immediately winning the NBA Championship.  

While that would be the only title that Garnett would win, he would have six seasons in a Boston uniform, with four All-Star Game appearances. With Boston, he also won the 2008 Defensive Player of the Year Award, was a First Team All-NBA Selection (2008), and was a three-time All-Defensive Selection (2008, 2009 & 2011).  

The other retired numbers by the Celtics are Walter Brown (#1), Red Auerbach (#2), Dennis Johnson (#3), Bill Russell (#6), JoJo White (#10), Bob Cousy (#14), Tom Heinsohn (#15), Tom Sanders (#16), John Havlick (#17), Dave Cowens (#18), Don Nelson (#19), Bill Sharman (#21), Ed Macauley (#22), Frank Ramsey (#23), Sam Jones (#24), K.C. Jones (#25), Cedric Maxwell (#31), Kevin McHale (#32), Larry Bird (#33), Paul Pierce (#34), Reggie Lewis (#35), Robert Parish (#00) and Jim Loscutoff (LOSCY).

We here at would like to congratulate Kevin Garnett for earning this honor.

The Naismith Basketball HOF announces the 2020 Finalists

The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame has announced their North American Finalists, as is tradition before the NBA All-Star Weekend.

It is a reduced number of Finalists from previous years, though this is nothing new as the Hall has never been consistent with their amount of Finalists as there are only five men and three women on this short list.  Last year, there were 10 men and three women who made it this far last year.

The five male North American Finalists are:

Kobe Bryant:  Many outlets interpreted the statement by Hall of President, Jerry Colangelo, who said he had “no doubt Kobe (will) be honored as he deserves” as acknowledgement that he is already in.  He isn’t, but there was never any doubt that he would be.  Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash last month, and the impending ceremony will likely be a tribute to the “Black Mamba.”  As a player, Bryant played his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers, and would lead them to five NBA Championships.  He would go to 18 All-Star Games, was a 15-time All-NBA Selection and was the 2008 MVP.  The two-time United States Olympic Gold Medalist is fourth all-time in Points.

Tim Duncan:  Playing his entire career with the San Antonio Spurs, Duncan would take his squad to five NBA Championships.  “The Big Fundamental” was a 15-time All-Star, 15-time All-NBA Selection and was a two-time MVP.  The only player to win 1,000 Games with one team, Duncan is in the top ten in Rebounds and Blocks.  Collegiately, he played at Wake Forest and was the Consensus Player of the Year in 1987.

Kevin Garnett:  Garnett was a 15-time All-Star who would win the NBA Championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008.  KG played most of his career with the Minnesota Timberwolves and over his NBA career, he also won the MVP (2004), Defensive Player of the Year (2008) and was a nine-time All-NBA Selection.  Internationally, he was a member of the 2000 Olympic Gold Medal team for the United States.

Eddie Sutton:  Nominated last year, Sutton was a Head Coach with a record of 805-326 with stops at Creighton (1969-74), Arkansas (1974-85), Kentucky (1985-89) and Oklahoma State (1990-2006).  He appeared in three Final Fours, and was a four-time National Coach of the Year.

Rudy Tomjanovich (Coach):  A five-time NBA All-Star with the Houston Rockets, Tomjanovich is nominated as a Coach, and he would helm the Rockets to two NBA Titles (1994 & 1995).  He also led the United States to the Olympic Gold Medal in 2000.

The three female North American Finalists are:

Tamika Catchings:  An NCAA Champion at the University of Tennessee in 1998, Catchings played her entire WNBA career with the Indiana Fever.  She would be the league MVP in 2011, and was a five-time WNBA Defensive Player of the Year.  Catchings would take the Fever to a title in 2012, and she is a four-time Olympic Gold Medal winner with the United States.

Kim Mulkey (Coach):  Mulkey has been the Head Coach at Baylor where she has taken them to three NCAA Division I Titles.  She is a two-time NCAA Coach of the Year.

Barbara Stevens:  Stevens has won over 1,000 Games in College, and took Bentley to a Division II Title in 2014.

While we have no issues with the smaller number of Finalists, the lack of consistency is frustrating.  Notable Finalists from last year, Chris Webber, Marques Johnson and Ben Wallace did not return.  Another interesting turn of events, is that Chris Bosh, who was also eligible, did not appear as a Finalist.  Not that Bryant, Duncan and Garnett needed a clear path for entry, it is next to impossible to conceive that any of those three will not be part of the Class of 2020.  

If the Hall inducts all of the Finalists from the North American male pool, it would still be less than last year.

The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Class will be announced during the Final Four.

We here at would like to congratulate the men and women who made it this far.

The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2020 is announced

On the weekend of what was supposed to be NCAA’s Final Four, the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame announced today their Class of 2020.

As expected, the triumvirate of Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett have all been selected for Springfield.  They comprised the top three in our most recent list of those to consider for the Hall.

Kobe Bryant tragically passed away along with eight other people (including his daughter, Gianna) in a helicopter crash.  Bryant played his entire pro career with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he would lead the Lake Show to five NBA Championships.  Individually, he would win the 2007-08 MVP, was a 15-time All-Star and was a First Team All-NBA Selection 11 times. Internationally, Bryant won the Olympic Gold Medal twice with the United States (2008 & 2012).

Like Bryant, Tim Duncan played his entire career with one team, his being the San Antonio Spurs.  “The Big Fundamental” took the Spurs to five titles, and he was a two-time MVP.  Duncan went to 15 All-Star Games, was a 10-time First Team All-NBA Selection, an eight-time All-Defensive First Team honoree, and was the Rookie of the Year. At Wake Forest, he was also the Consensus National College Player of the Year in 1997.

Kevin Garnett did not spend his career with one team, but he is easily the greatest Minnesota Timberwolves player ever.  It was in Minnesota where he won his MVP, but he would later help the Boston Celtics win the NBA Championship in 2008, while also winning the Defensive Player of the Year.  Garnett went to 15 All-Star Games, was a four-time First Team All-NBA Selection, and would be an All-Defensive First Teamer.  

Also chosen was Eddie Sutton.  With a career record of 806-326, Sutton went to three Final Fours (one with Arkansas and two with Oklahoma State), and he was a two-time AP College Coach of the Year.  Sutton was inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011.

A five-time NBA All-Star, Rudy Tomjonavich was a Head Coach for the Hosuton Rockets from 1992 to 2003.  He took the Rockets to the NBA Championship in 1994 and 1995, and the United States to Olympic Gold in 2000.

All five male Finalists got in, as did all three female finalists, which were Tamika Catchings, Kim Mulkey and Barbara Stevens:

Tamika Catchings won four Olympic Gold Medals for the United States, and took the Indiana Fever to a WNBA Title in 2012.  Individually in the WNBA, Catchings went to 11 All-Star Games, was a one-time MVP, and a five-time Defensive Player of the Year.

Kim Mulley has led the Baylor Bears to three championships as their Head Coach, and she also won as a player and Assistant Coach.  She was the Coach of the Year in 2012.

Barbara Stevens was a five-time Division II Coach of the Year, and was the fifth female coach to win 1,000 Games.

Patrick Baumann enters as a Contributor.  He Swiss executive was the President of the Global Association of International Sports Federations and the Secretary General of FIBA. He passed away in 2018 at the age of 51 due to a heart attack.

We will begin the reworking of our Basketball List.  Look for that later this month.

We here at would like to congratulate the newest members of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

Our All-Time Top 50 Minnesota Timberwolves have been revised

Yes, we know that this is taking a while!

As many of you know, we here at are slowly generating the 50 of each major North American sports team.  That being said, we have existing Top 50 lists out and we always consistently look to update them when we can and based on necessity. As such, we are very happy to present our third revision of our top 50 Minnesota Timberwolves of all-time.

As for all of our top 50 players in basketball we look at the following: 

1.  Advanced Statistics.

2.  Traditional statistics and how they finished in the NBA. 

3. Playoff accomplishments.

4. Their overall impact on the team and other intangibles not reflected in a stat sheet.

This one went a complete overhaul, which was reflected in our top five as seen below.

The complete list can be found here, but as always, we announce our top five in this article.  They are:

1. Kevin Garnett                                         

2. Karl-Anthony Towns

3. Kevin Love

4. Wally Szczerbiak 

5. Terrell Brandon

Our top five remains the same, but there has been tinkering throughout the rest of the list.

We welcome your input and commentsand as always, we thank you for your support.

Awards = HOF? Part Thirteen: The NBA All Star Game MVP

We here at thought it would be fun to take a look at the major awards in North American team sports and see how it translates into Hall of Fame potential.

Needless to say, different awards in different sports yield hall of fame potential.  In basketball, the team sport with the least amount of players on a roster, the dividend for greatness much higher.  In baseball, it is not as much as a great individual season does not have the same impact.
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