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4. Peter Stastny

Peter Stastny (and his brother, Anton) sent shockwaves in the world of hockey when he defected from Czechoslovakia to play professional hockey with the Quebec Nordiques in 1980.  Stastny had just been named the Czechoslovakian Player of the Year, so it was certainly expected that he would be spectacular, and he would not disappoint.  He would score 109 Points as an NHL rookie and won the Calder.  This year would usher a six-year streak where Stastny would exceed the 100 Point mark, peaking with 139 in 1981-82.  That year he finished fourth in Hart Trophy voting and would later have two seventh place finishes.  Stastny was a bona fide scoring machine and is the answer to the question who has the second most Points behind Wayne Gretzky in the 1980s.

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