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Drew Pearson went undrafted in 1973, but he would be signed by the Dallas Cowboys, and the product of the University of Tulsa would make the team.  As a rookie, Pearson had 388 Receiving Yards and was also doing double duty as the Kick Returner, but he would shed the Special Teams role the following season while emerging as one of the game's elite Wide Receivers.
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A look at the Drew Pearson snub A look at the Drew Pearson snub
When the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the 10 new members from the player’s senior pool, that meant that 10 former legends were left off.  While there was a sizable groan in the Rocky Mountains when former Bronco, Randy Gradishar was left off, the most “visible” one was in Texas, as former Cowboys Wide Receiver, Drew Pearson, was also left off. We use the word “visual” because KTVT from Plano, Texas was on hand to record his reaction.  When he wasn’t chosen, Pearson could not contain his disappointment: “They broke my heart.  They broke my heart; and they did it like this! They strung it out like this.” Pearson is referring to the broadcast on the NFL Network, which began at 7 AM EST.  While most people did not expect that they would go right into the announcement of who was chosen, nobody thought that the inductees would be announced in a reality show format, that dragged across nearly two hours.  The NFL Network did not state at the beginning that the announcements would be spread out over such a long duration of time.  The agony for those not chosen, and the families thereof, had to be excruciating.   Pearson’s frustration continued: “Can’t do nothing about it. Can’t catch no more damn passes. Can’t run no more routes.  It’s there.  What upsets me more is when they say you don’t deserve it.  They talk negative about you.  There’s nothing negative about my career in the NFL. Nothing!” If we were to hazard a guess as to when the mood of the room changed, it had to be when fellow Wide Receiver, Harold Carmichael was announced to the Hall.  He wasn’t just announced on the NFL Network, he was there on hand to discuss the selection.  If he was there, he was obviously told ahead of time, and Pearson and all of the others in that room had to feel that their chances just plummeted. While Pearson may have taken a chance having his reaction filmed live, there was no reason that he would have thought the broadcast would announce the new inductees in that staggered pattern.  None of us did.  This had let to minimal speculation that Hall of Fame President, David Baker, has been milking camera time and exposure for the Hall.  That train of thought began when he appeared on both the CBS and FOX playoff broadcasts to tell Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson respectively that they were now Hall of Famers; leading to some feeling that…
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Tom Flores and Drew Pearson named as the Coach and Senior Finalist for the PFHOF Class of 2021 Tom Flores and Drew Pearson named as the Coach and Senior Finalist for the PFHOF Class of 2021
Recently, the Pro Football Hall of Fame made its announcement as to how it would go forward with Senior, Coach and Contributor candidates, as they stated they would have one Finalist going forward in the next four years.  We already know who the Coach and Senior candidates are for the 2021 Class, which are Tom Flores and Drew Pearson respectively. Flores was a Finalist in 2019, and was a 2020 Centennial Slate Finalist.  The first Hispanic Coach of the NFl, Flores had a career record of 105-90 with the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders & the Seattle Seahawks, taking the former to two Super Bowl Titles (XV & XVIII). The Hall faced backlash when Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher appeared to have leapfrogged Flores and six-time Finalist, Don Coryell.  Coryell has long since passed, but Flores is still alive at 88, and was upset about his snub last year, especially after being told by Hall of Fame President, David Baker, that he was a “shoe-in”. Pearson was never a Finalist in the Modern Day Committee, and like Flores, he too was on the Centennial Slate list of Finalists.  Pearson played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1973 to 1983 and he was a three-time First Team All-Pro and the Receiving Yards leader in 1977.  He helped Dallas win Super Bowl XII, and was a member of the 1970s All-Decade Team.  He had 7,822 Yards with 48 Touchdowns over his 11-year career. Pearson was filmed watching the 2020 Hall of Fame 100thAnniversary selection show.  He was clearly crushed by his omission, and felt that the hall did him wrong.  Based on the fact that it was a two-hour show, and he had to wait until the end to learn for certain that he wasn’t selected.  The pain had to have come early, as in the show’s first segment, fellow Wide Receiver, Harold Carmichael came to accept his gold jacket.  It had to be evident to Pearson, and those watching that if he hadn’t already known that he was being inducted, it was unlikely that he would be. Pearson in ranked #28 on our latest Football list.  We do not rank Coaches at this time. Please keep in mind that this is not a guarantee that both will be inducted by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, although it seems inconceivable that they will not be chosen. We cautiously offer our congratulations to Flores and Pearson at this time, and hope that the Pro Football Hall of…
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28. Drew Pearson 28.  Drew Pearson
As shown with earlier entries, the 1970s may have delivered some great wide receivers but statistically, they don’t measure up to the huge numbers put out by the current generation.  Drew Pearson was a star in his time, but he is sometimes forgotten due to the time in which he played. In the mid 70’s Drew Pearson was the Cowboy’s go-to receiver and the one they counted on in the clutch.  He was a big play receiver and was named to the 1970s All-Decade team and led the league in receiving yards in 1977.  Had there been ESPN when he played he would have been a Sunday night staple on Sports Center.
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The Buck Stops Here -- Hall of Fame News -- Season 1 Epsiode 33 The Buck Stops Here -- Hall of Fame News -- Season 1 Epsiode 33
The Chairman (Kirk Buchner) and Evan Nolan look at the passing of Dale Hawerchuk, the selection of Drew Pearson and Tom Flores as Finalists, and our impending US Athletic Hall of Fame.
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