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Reasons Why You Have to Pay Attention to Your Zodiac Sign: Successful Stories from eSports and iGaming

Reasons Why You Have to Pay Attention to Your Zodiac Sign: Successful Stories from eSports and iGaming
13 Jan
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Astrology is a complex and inexplicable non-science field that attracts supporters up to this day. Many even follow horoscopes to make gambling predictions. What’s more, there’s a themed casino — Zodiac Casino — that assigns gambling-related horoscopes and lucky numbers to each zodiac sign daily.  Does it really work?

Upon taking a quick look at the list of gambling champions, it seems that those people are just lucky, and there is nothing astrological about their victories. But what if we are wrong? Today, we’ll disclose the zodiac background of the most famous winners in gambling history. 

Elmer Sherwin

Those familiar with land-based casinos know that Las Vegas is the motherland of gambling. Long ago, in 1989, a man named Elmer Sherwin won his first couple of millions ($4.6 million, to be precise) playing Mirage. Over 15 years later, he hit a $21-million jackpot just because he felt lucky. We could have left it as it is because lucky days do happen. However, we know that Elmer’s zodiac sign was Pisces.

Pisces is a water sign, so it’s not typical of them to take risks regularly. Besides, they worry about their financial state a little bit too much, so gambling is often referred to as an unjustified waste of money. But on rare occasions, Pisces may feel like they are about to win, and those feelings usually turn out to be true. Elmer Sherwin gambled twice and both times he was successful.

However, should Elmer have chosen poker, the odds wouldn’t be so satisfactory. With the emotions written all over their faces and the urge to make quick decisions, Pisces isn’t good at poker. Games that require little interaction, such as roulette or baccarat, suit people of this sign well. All in all, when gambling, Pisces should rely on their gut feeling or well-developed strategy, and the success will hit their way.

Lee Sang-hyeok

Lee Sang-hyeok is a Korean video gamer widely known under the name of Faker or Michael Jordan of League of Legends. He has led his team to the World Championship three times already. And that is surely not the end of his gaming career. What makes Lee so determined and victorious? Is it the upbringing, a strong passion for video games, or is there anything else?

Lee Sang-hyeok is the zodiac bull. Born under the sign of Taurus, the gamer absorbed all the most vital features of the sign and managed to effectively develop them. Taureans are believed to be stubborn, but in the case of Faker, this is rather a virtue than a vice. Taurean people like to keep things under control, and that is the feature typical of the victors.

Since Taurus is overly cautious about their finances, most assume that gambling is not for Taurus. However, eSports is different, isn’t it? eSports is among less risky options to try your luck. Games with fixed odds are potentially attractive to Taurus. Being financially-cautious, they are usually interested in growing their fortunes using the fastest way possible.

Land-based casinos are usually too noisy and overwhelming for conservative Taurus. Thus, they mostly prefer online casinos instead. Card games, baccarat, and roulette are the best gambling games for level-headed and patient bulls.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Spanish-born and raised Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo started his career as a film producer, but gambling turned out to be more profitable for him. His approach to gambling was unique and gained wide popularity. Some casinos even sued him. 

Gonzalo noticed that some numbers were favored by the roulette wheel more than the others. After comprehensive research, Garcia-Pelayo figured out the numbers to bet on and enjoyed gambling throughout Spain and later, Las-Vegas. Over time, casino owners uncovered the gambler's trick, and he wasn’t welcome in casinos anymore. However, his research and dedication improved his financial state tremendously, so he no longer needed to gamble to make a profit.

Now that you know Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo’s story, it’s easy to assume that his personality is quite an extraordinary one. His zodiac sign may be a reason for that. Gonzalo was born under the sign of Gemini. Being a sign of air, Gemini loves to lead an active and exciting life. They are full of ideas and take an innovative approach to the things that most people are already used to. Gemini gambles for the sake of gambling. The process and the rush of adrenaline are more essential for them than the profit generated.

Gemini is the sign of twins, so they tend to get bored quickly. Fast-paced games, such as roulette, are the best choice for them. Since they approach the gambling activity with a curious and positive spirit, Gemini usually wins the game. However, the awareness of when to stop may be vague at times, leading to profit loss.


To sum it all up, it’s safe to say that your zodiac sign affects the way you gamble. What is more, the sign you were born under can point out which games to choose as well as those that you should avoid. Whenever you feel like it’s your lucky day, you should grab the opportunity, especially if your sign is Pisces. Lastly, it never hurts to develop some victory-determining traits of other signs such as patience and optimism when heading for the win!

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