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Casinos And Positive Reviews

Casinos And Positive Reviews
28 Dec
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Like all other businesses, online casino websites also receive their fair share of public opinions and varying reviews. Some of these reviews may be biased towards negativity and disapproval as customers tend to be more critical of any bad experiences. However, this doesn’t mean that all online casinos with bad reviews are bad; you may just be surprised at the inaccuracy of some personal reviews. 

Luckily, newer reviews are becoming more and more reliable compared to the past as the positivity of these reviews are often supported with research and figures. In addition, the industry has seen many new changes such as for ownership, licensing, regulations, and more. With better responsibility on the customers, we have started to see better reliability on reviews and ratings as well. And for fans of online casinos, be sure to find sites where you can play for free on registration for the best deals. 

Development of online casino reviews 

Early years

In the beginnings of online gaming casinos, the industry was flooded with various types of gambling websites for their respective providers. While some gambling sites tried to stay, most of them would obtain the money and disappear. These rogue casinos spurred on an era of cash-grabbing casinos with unfair practices and payout problems. In addition, the aspect of customer service was missing. 

Wave of positive change

As a response to these rogue gambling sites, customers took it upon themselves by setting up reviews and posting their opinions of various online casinos. These lead to the birth of review sites and eventually, a system for reporting and blackmailing any unfair or shady practices. This helped to reform online gambling sites and brought about positive change as they were unable to hide any problems or unlawful acts. 

Prevalent reviews 

While there are definitely lesser rouge sites right now, one still needs to be careful of online gambling sites even if they have received good reviews. However, the chances of stumbling upon a good and reliable site is much higher now. 

Legitimacy of online casino reviews


Look for reviews that include as many details as possible, describing any fees or important information. A good review should encompass the customer’s experience in a way that is not only personal but also useful for others who are looking into the service. Avoid reviews that are oversimplified. 


A good review also includes reliable facts rather than just personal preferences. Some important facts that should be included in a review are the user’s first impressions, the customer service, types of games, and the site’s reputation. For those who are concerned about the financial reliability of the place, look out for details on deposits and payouts, bonuses and promotions as well as other gambling details to take note of. 

Beyond the rating

Remember that the rating of a review does not represent the quality of the online gambling site as these can be subjective. One may decide to give a lower or higher star rating depending on what is more important to their experience. Hence, it is still most important to read unbiased and in-depth reviews as well as from multiple sources. 

Las Atlantis 

For an online casino which began in 2020, Las Atlantis does not have payout track records nor player feedback to reference from. Regardless, the site has managed to keep good reviews and ratings. This is due to the impressive casino design that Las Atlantis offers consisting of free deposits and payouts, an estimated 250 games, mobile pay, and bonus incentives. The casino also has proper licensing and offers customer service in multiple ways. Just for the unique and well-thought-through user experience, the new casino has managed to garner quite a few positive feedback from customers. 

Super Slots 

Likewise, Super Slots is another new casino which began in 2020. It is a sister site to a few other gambling websites such as BetOnline sportsbook and Wild Casino, giving it the advantage of adopting past review material. In addition, although the gambling site is independent, it’s evaluation still depends on the other websites as they are all operating under the same umbrella. This has helped grow positive reviews for Super Slots. The site also boosts licensed software as well as two live casinos, allowing users to pick from cryptocurrencies to traditional banking routes. Mobile play is also available.

Red Dog Casino 

While Red Dog Casino does not belong under the BetOnline umbrella, it is affiliated to well-known sister sites such as El Royale and Slots Empire. What makes Red Dog Casino stand out is the VIP atmosphere that each of the sites oozes, along with licensed RealTime Gaming slots, various interesting games, and a live casino. Not to mention, the promotions and opportunities given out are very generous. But the main highlight of Red Dog Casino is the ability to accept credit cards in both directions, allowing payouts back to credit cards. For those who prefer the banking route, they might just leave the site with a high rating and review. 

Vegas Casino Online 

Accessibility to cash will always garner a gambling site’s high reviews as customers always treasure the ability to cash in and out of their accounts as fast as possible. Vegas Casino Online offers a low minimum deposit and does not charge extra fees for payouts in either direction. With only five dollars in Bitcoin, one can give this casino a try; not to mention it is also a low price of twenty dollars for the traditional credit card route. For those who want to give online casinos a try without making a big investment, Vegas Casino Online is one of the best ways for recreational players and beginners to get started. 

Wild Casino

With a unique theme, easy to use interface and a $5,000 bonus for new players to get started with, it is no wonder that Wild Casinos receives such positive reviews. While a significant amount of positive feedback may come from its sister website BetOnline, Wild Casino also uses Betsoft Gaming which includes games such as Frankenslots Monster and Good Girl-Bad Girl. As public information on the games are easily accessible by customers, this could have boosted their reviews as well. However, for those who are interested in banking, Wild Casino does not offer a menu that is as attractive as Vegas Casino Online or Red Dog Casino. 


While it is clear that a lot of reviews are subjective, the importance of good reliable reviews is that they help to weed out rogue casinos which can potentially land your finances in danger with their questionable practices. An unbiased and in-depth review of a service can also help customers understand the site better and deem it by their own standards if it is to their taste or not. Always make sure to read from a wide variety of sources as well to get the full picture. 

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