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10 Celebrities with the Most Instagram Followers in 2020

10 Celebrities with the Most Instagram Followers in 2020
29 Sep
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10 Celebrities with the Most Instagram Followers in 2020

There have been lots of changes in almost all areas of people’s lives due to technology. Apart from the emergence of online casino, social media platforms like Instagram are also indicators of how technology has transformed human life. Several celebrities command a massive following because of the content that they post for their followers. These are the top ten celebrities with the most Instagram followers in 2020:

10. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is famous for singing and being a cat lady. She is one of the top cat ladies on Instagram and likes posting photos. She is also known to love communicating with her fans through cryptic, hidden terms in her posts. Taylor Swift has got 140.6 million followers.

9. Neymar

Neymar plays as a forward for the Brazil national team and Paris Saint-Germain. He is known to be very down-to-earth and posts lots of memorable shots and gym photos that have attracted many followers to his page. Some of his posts also have his family and friends’ photos. He has 142.4 million followers.

8. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is known for being a great singer and actress. She is also known for being a voice over mental health. She has not been so active this year, but you will find many advertisements on her posts. The advertisements are for brands that she always partners with, e.g., Puma and Coach. She has 153.7 million followers.

7. Beyonce

Beyonce is a well-known name in the music industry. She keeps most of her life and family private. You are not likely to find anything personal about her family on her Instagram posts. Most of her posts are photos of her in her best looks. She has 154.9 million followers.

6. Leonel Messi

Messi plays for the Argentina national team and Barcelona as a forward. From his posts on Instagram, you can tell that he is a family man. Messi also loves posting football shots. He has got 167.1 million followers.

5. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a celebrity that is known for her long-running reality TV show. Many people know her for her memorable fragrance launches. Kim Kardashian has lots of followers who are always thrilled with her sometimes- naked selfies on Instagram. She also posts pictures of her family. She has 189.2 million followers.

4. Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”

“The Rock,” as he is commonly known, is famous for wrestling and acting. Many people like him because he is down-to-earth. He is also renowned for his body that is so “hard,” and hence the name “Rock.” He always updates his followers on Instagram on his workout program. He has 199.4 million followers.

3. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is famous for being in the show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.” She is also known to have featured in “Lip Kits”, “Secret Pregnancies” and “Empire-running”. Most of her Instagram photos are completely about her lifestyle, defined by private jets, pools, Lambos, and mansions. She has 196.6 million followers.

2. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is famous for acting, singing, and whirlwind romance. She posts pictures that are black and white and vintage. Most of her posts are about concerts and campaigns. She has 203.2 million followers.

1.Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is an international football superstar that is famous for his handsome looks. He has achieved so much in his football career that many believe he will join the contenders’ list for the greatest footballer of all time. He also does suits in his photos that leave him stunning and hence a considerable following that has placed him in the first position this year. He has 238.5 million followers.

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