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#32. Joel Embiid: Philadelphia 76ers

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#32. Joel Embiid: Philadelphia 76ers
14 Oct

While we know that Embiid had only played five seasons in the NBA, his advanced metrics are very strong, and accumulatively getting stronger.  In terms of traditional numbers, he has been a 10-20 player the last three seasons, and is a three-time Second Team All-NBA Selection.  We predict a monster jump for Embiid this year.  Pre-2019-20 Rank: #49, Pre-2020-21 Rank: #39

The Bullet Points

  • Elite Period PER: 25.9
  • Elite Period Win Shares: 31.6
  • Elite Period VORP: 12.8
  • All-Star Selections: 3
  • All-Pro Selections: 6
  • NBA Championships: 0
  • Additional Notes: Embiid played one year at the University of Kansas and was the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year.
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