#42. Serge Ibaka: Milwaukee Bucks

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#42. Serge Ibaka: Milwaukee Bucks
14 Oct

Serge Ibaka won his first NBA Championship with the Raptors three years ago, and he is still a very good player.  Having never been an All-Star hurts Ibaka’s chances, but he is a three-time First Team All-Defensive Selection.  Now a Buck, a second NBA Title would be colossal.  Pre-2019-20 Rank: #40, Pre-2020-21 Rank: #43, Pre-2021-22 Rank: #44.

The Bullet Points

  • Elite Period PER: 17.5
  • Elite Period Win Shares: 49.0
  • Elite Period VORP: 12.2
  • All-Star Selections: 0
  • All-Pro Selections: 0
  • NBA Championships: 1
  • Additional Notes: Ibaka, who was born in Congo, plays for Spain. He has won a Silver Medal at the Olympics and a Gold Medal in EuroBasket
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