Top 50 Chicago Cubs Sat, 06 Mar 2021 07:06:36 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb 1. Cap Anson 1. Cap Anson
Arguably the first superstar in baseball history, Cap Anson joined the then named Chicago White Stockings in 1876 and would become one of the greatest hitters of the game for years.  In the 22 years he played in Chicago, Anson batted over .300 in 19 of them including a 15-year streak (1876 to 1890), and he would win three Batting Titles and four second place finishes in that stretch.  Anson would find other ways to get on base as the superstar was also a three-time leader in On Base Percentage and finished second in that statistic four times.  His hits were also timely as he would lead the league in Runs Batted In eight times and to this day is fourth all-time in that metric.  He was also considered to be an above-average fielder at the time of his peak.
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2. Ernie Banks 2. Ernie Banks
In terms of overall iconic status at Wrigley Field, Ernie Banks would be number 1.  Of course, he would!  He is "Mister Cub" after all!
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3. Ryne Sandberg 3. Ryne Sandberg
Ryne Sandberg arrived in Chicago via one of the most lopsided trades in baseball history as the future Hall of Fame arrived with Larry Bowa for Ivan DeJesus.  Sandberg was converted to an infielder, and after playing only six games in the Majors with Philadelphia, he would be converted from Outfield to Third Base (he would then move to Second a year after)
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4. Ron Santo 4. Ron Santo
Ron Santo would crack the Majors with the Cubs in 1960, and the Third Baseman would quickly establish himself as one of the premier men at the hot corner, both with his bat and glove over the next decade-plus.  Santo would tabulate an impressive 2,171 Hits as a Cub and even more impressively knew the art of getting on base.  Santo led the NL in Walks four times and was a two-time leader in On Base Percentage.
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5. Billy Williams 5. Billy Williams
Billy Williams played the first 14 of his 16 seasons with the Chicago Cubs, where he quickly established himself as one of the best hitting Leftfielders in the game.  Williams would win the Rookie of the Year Award in 1961 with a 25 Home Run season.  Power would be a big part of his game, as he blasted 20 or more taters the next 12 seasons and a career-high of 42 in 1970.  That year, the six-time All-Star would lead the NL with 205 Hits, and 137 Runs Scored, and Willians would have a .322 Batting Average, and he was second in MVP voting.  Williams would again be the runner-up for the MVP when he won the Batting and Slugging Title and went deep 37 times.  
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6. Sammy Sosa 6. Sammy Sosa
The Cubs fleeced their cross-town rival White Sox when they acquired Sammy Sosa for George Bell as Sosa would become one of the best offensive players of his day while Bell was on his way out of the game.
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7. Ferguson Jenkins 7. Ferguson Jenkins
The greatest Pitcher in Chicago Cubs history, Ferguson Jenkins arrived in what turned out to be a lopsided trade from the Philadelphia Phillies.  The Canadian born Jenkins would break out in his first full season (1967) with the Cubs where he would be named an All-Star, win 20 Games, and was the runner-up for the Cy Young.
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8. Mordecai Brown 8. Mordecai Brown
If you didn't agree that Fergie Jenkins was the best Pitching Chicago Cub, then we guess that it was Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown that you would give that title too.
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9. Gabby Hartnett 9. Gabby Hartnett
Gabby Hartnett was considered the best Catcher in the National League (maybe all of baseball) for a decade, and why wouldn't he be?
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10. Stan Hack 10. Stan Hack
An upper-tier Third Baseman and longtime leadoff man, “Smilin" Stan Hack would play all 1,938 of his Major League games with the Chicago Cubs.  Hack cracked the Cubs roster in 1932, and in 1934 he was affixed as the permanent player at the hot corner.  As the team's leadoff man, he would display consistent hitting with a lifetime Batting Average of .301 and five top ten finishes in that metric.  He did not just hit is way on base as he was a patient batter who knew how to work the count.  He had an excellent On-Base Percentage of .394, and five times he was a top five finisher.  On the base paths, he was a two-time leader in Stolen Bases (albeit with numbers under 20), but there was no doubt that he was everything you wanted in a leadoff man.
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11. Hippo Vaughn 11. Hippo Vaughn
James “Hippo” Vaughn was a journeyman who bounced around from the minors to the majors from team to team for a few years before he found a home in Chicago in 1913.  He broke out with a 21 Win season in 1914 and had 20 Wins in 1915, and in 1917 he would have a career-high 23 Wins and an ERA of 2.01.  In '16 and '17, he was third among Pitchers in bWAR, but in 1918 he would have one of the best years that a hurler ever had as a Cub.  Vaughn would lead the National League in bWAR (8.1), bWAR for Pitchers (7.6), ERA (1.74), Wins (18), WHIP (1.006), and Strikeouts (148).  More importantly, he was the ace of a Cubs team that won the Pennant, and though he pitched well (1.00 ERA), he lost two Games, and they would lose to Boston.  Vaughn had a good 1919 and 1920 but went off of the rails in 1921 and would be released.  He would play in the minors for another 15 seasons, showing his love for the game.
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12. Pete Alexander 12. Pete Alexander
Grover Cleveland "Old Pete" Alexander far and away had a much better career earlier when he was with the Philadelphia Phillies, where he had won the Pitcher's Triple Crown twice. Still, the Phillies needed the money and sold his contract to the Chicago Cubs.
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13. Charlie Root 13. Charlie Root
Many great Pitchers have toiled on the mound for the Chicago Cubs, but none of them have recorded more Wins than Charlie Root, who brought the “W” 201 times.
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14. Frank Chance 14. Frank Chance
One third of the famed Cubs infield of Tinker to Evers to Chance, Frank Chance was the final cog of that triumvirate playing at First Base. 
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15. Rick Reuschel 15. Rick Reuschel
Nicknamed “Big Daddy” for his portly physique, Rick Reuschel is now viewed as a sabermetric star, and most of those accomplishments took place as a Chicago Cub.
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16. Billy Herman 16. Billy Herman
A multi-time All-Star, Billy Herman helped the Chicago Cubs reach the World Series three times.  Chicago may not have won any of the Fall Classics, but he was a vital cog in the machine that brought excitement to Wrigley Field for a decade.
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17. Joe Tinker 17. Joe Tinker
It began with Joe Tinker, at least that is how the poem goes of Tinker to Evers to Chance in regards to turning double plays for the Chicago Cubs in the 1900s.
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18. Bill Nicholson 18. Bill Nicholson
This is as good a time as any to remind everyone that we don't put substantial penalties those who put up their best statistics during World War II when many of the game's greats were serving in the military.  It does play a bit when we focus on intangibles, but it is about what they do on the diamond and not what is going on around them, which is paramount in our eyes.
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19. John Clarkson 19. John Clarkson
Cap Anson was the player/manager for the Chicago White Stockings, and he saw future greatness in John Clarkson, who was playing for Saginaw in the Northwest League, and he would urge Chicago ownership to purchase his contract.  Clarkson won 10 games for the team in what was left of the season, and he would become the elite Pitcher of the National League in 1885 leading the league in Wins (53), Innings Pitched (623.0), bWAR (12.9) and posting an ERA of 1.85.  He would go 36 and 17 in 1886, and in 1887 his 38 Wins would again lead the NL as did his 14.9 bWAR.  While he was clearly a dominating Pitcher, he was known to need constant coddling and was high maintenance.  He was sold to the Boston Beanneaters for the then grandiose sum of $10,000, where he continued to be one of the best Pitchers in the game.
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20. Clark Griffith 20. Clark Griffith
Clark Griffith would be one of the most consistent Pitchers of the 1890s, where, as a member of the Chicago Colts/Orphans, he would have six straight seasons (1894 to 1899) of at least 21 Wins.  Griffith won 152 Games for the franchise and was the ERA leader with 1.88 in 1898.
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21. Mark Grace 21. Mark Grace
Mark Grace was drafted in the 24th Round of the 1985 Amateur Draft, and generally, when you are chosen that low, you aren't expected to do much at the Major League level.  Nobody seemed to have conveyed that to Mark Grace.
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22. Bill Hutchinson 22. Bill Hutchinson
Playing for the Chicago White Stockings/Colts for seven seasons, Bill Hutchinson was a dominating presence for three of them, so much so that he earned this high ranking.  In each of those years (1890-92), Hutchinson would lead the National League in Wins and Innings Pitched, and he would also win the Strikeout Title in 1892 while finishing second in the other two seasons mentioned above.  After that, Hutchinson was an average Pitcher at best, playing three more seasons without doing anything special, but after it was said and done, his career at Chicago would see him win 180 Games with 1,225 Strikeouts.
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23. Hack Wilson 23. Hack Wilson
Hack Wilson was playing for Toledo of the American Association after falling into a slump with the New York Giants.  He was left unprotected (some say an oversight), and the Chicago Cubs swooped in and claimed him late in 1925.  The Giants loss was the Cubs game as Hack Wilson would win the National League Home Run crown in 1926, a feat he would repeat in 1927, 1928, and 1930.  Wilson wasn't just hitting for power as with the exception of 1931, and he never had a season where he batted under .300 or had an OBP under .400.  Wilson would twice lead the NL in Walks, and his Slash Line as a Chicago Cub is an incredible .322/.412/.590.
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24. Carlos Zambrano 24. Carlos Zambrano
Carlos Zambrano played all of but his final season with the Chicago Cubs, where the Venezuelan was a three-time All-Star who also finished third in Cy Young voting five times.  In the first decade of the 2000s, Zambrano was one of the more dependable hurlers and was the only one in the NL who had at least 13 Wins from 2003 to 2008.  In 2006 he made history as the first Venezuelan to lead the National League in Wins, and he would finish in the top ten in ERA four times.
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25. Greg Maddux 25. Greg Maddux
Greg Maddux is always thought of first as an Atlanta Brave, but it was with the Chicago Cubs where he first rose to prominence.  Maddux started slowly with Chicago, but the talent was there, and in 1988, his third year in the Majors, he was chosen for the All-Star Game with an 18 Win season.  He was solid for the next three seasons, winning 19, 15, and 15 Wins, and in 1992, he would lead the NL with 20 Wins and had an ERA of 2.18.  He would win the National League Cy Young Award that year, would go to his second All-Star Game, and he had won his third straight Gold Glove.  Sadly, for the fans at Wrigley, Maddux was a Free Agent, and talks broke down, and he signed with Atlanta winning the next three Cy Youngs.  Maddux would, however, return later for two more seasons in 2004.
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26. Phil Cavarretta 26. Phil Cavarretta
Phil Cavarretta debuted for the Chicago Cubs in 1934 a couple of months after his 18th birthday, and he would play there until he was released after the 1953 Season.  Cavaretta had a good 1935 season, but he would be riddled with injuries over the next few years, and it took until the 1942 season, where he had a year with 450 Plate Appearances.  Granted, World War II depleted the Major League roster, but Cavarretta was finally healthy, and he would go on the best run of his career.  Named an All-Star every year from 1943 to 1947, he would have three seasons where he batted over .300, and he would lead the NL in Hits in 1944.  Cavarretta would win the National League MVP in 1945, where he won the Batting Title and led the Cubs to the pennant where he batted .423 with an OPS of 1.115 in Chicago’s World Series loss to the Detroit Tigers.  He would have a reduced workload over the years to come, but his longevity made him a favorite of the Cubs faithful.  He would accumulate 1,927 Hits as a Chicago Cub.
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27. Johnny Evers 27. Johnny Evers
We finally get to the third of the famed "Tinkers to Evers to Chance" with the middle component, Johnny Evers, who was considered by his peers as one of the most intelligent and also surly baseball players of the Game.  Evers would win the starting Second Baseman's job in 1903, and while he was not always known for hitting for Average near the end of the decade, he was developing an incredible batting eye, and he had his first of three .400 OBP seasons in 1908.  Evers was a vital cog of the back-to-back World Series titles in 19097 and 1908, and he batted .350 in both of those Fall Classics.  He would become the Player/Manager for Chicago in 1913, but he was fired and took the same job with the Boston Braves.  Ironically, Evers would win the National League MVP in 1914, the first year that he was not with the Chicago Cubs.  He would also win his third World Series Ring.
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28. Lon Warneke 28. Lon Warneke
Lon Warneke was relatively ineffective during the beginning of his run as a Major League Baseball player.   This would change when Cubs Manager Rogers Hornsby noticed that he was staring at his feet rather than at the plate when he threw.  That correction turned him into an also-ran to an MVP runner-up.
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29. Jimmy Ryan 29. Jimmy Ryan
A member of the 2,500 Hit Club, Jimmy Ryan, would accumulate 2,084 of them with the Chicago Cubs.  Ryan would bat .308 for Chicago and would lead the National League in Hits in 1888, the same season he would do so in Doubles and Home Runs.  The Outfielder would finish in the top eight in OPS six times, and while he was never considered a superstar, he was a consistent producer for an extended period of time and a worthy person on this list.
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30. Claude Passeau 30. Claude Passeau
Arriving in Chicago early in the 1939 season via a trade from the Philadelphia Phillies, Claude Passeau would have his best years (and his final ones) in the Majors as a Cub.  Passeau would have a 20 Win Season in 1940 and would go on to have five All-Star appearances.  His best game was a one-hitter in the 1945 World Series against the Detroit Tigers.  Overall, Passeau would win 124 Games for Chicago.
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31. George Gore 31. George Gore
The first half of George Gore's career was spent with the then-named Chicago White Stockings, which was easily the better half of his career.  Playing in Centerfield, Gore was a very good hitter who would win the Batting, On Base Percentage, and Slugging Titles in 1880, and he was in the top ten in Batting Average four more times.  Gore would lead the NL in Walks three times and helped Chicago win the Pennant five times.  Overall he would bat .315 for Chicago, but as he was alleged by Cap Anson to be lazy, he could have accomplished much more.
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32. Anthony Rizzo 32. Anthony Rizzo
In retrospect, the Chicago Cubs stole Anthony Rizzo from the San Diego Padres in a trade in 2012 that saw little attention.  At that point in his career, Rizzo had only played 29 Games in the Majors, and while his future was thought to be bright, it wasn't expected that he would become the heart of the Cubs.
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33. Ned Williamson 33. Ned Williamson
Ned Williamson played the entire 1880's with the Chicago White Stockings, where his strength was his defensive skills.  Used at Third Base and Shortstop for most of his career, Williamson would twice lead the National League in Defensive bWAR and was in the top five in that statistic four other times.  Had there been a Gold Glove Award back then, Williamson would have likely won at least six (or should have) for his work at Third Base as even by traditional metrics, he was a six-time leader at his position in Assists and five-time leader in Double Plays Turned.
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34. Bob Rush 34. Bob Rush
Bob Rush may have had a losing record with the Chicago Cubs (110-140), but in his defense, he did not have a lot of strong teammates around him, and the Cubs were not particularly good at the time.  Still, we are talking about a two-time All-Star who finished in the top ten in bWAR for Pitchers four times and in Strikeouts four times.  He would record 1,076 Ks for Chicago and was one of the better players the team had in the 1950s.
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35. King Kelly 35. King Kelly
Mike "King" Kelly was considered an innovator in his day as it is believed that he was the first to foul off pitches deliberately.
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36. Bill Lee 36. Bill Lee
In the last half of the 1930s, Bill Lee was on a very good Chicago Cubs starting rotation that would take the team to two National League Pennants, 1935 and 1938.  Lee was far from just a participant from 1935 to 1939, and he would have four 18 Win Seasons, including a 22 Win campaign in 1938, which was enough to lead the National League.  That year Lee would also lead the league in Earned Run Average, Shutouts, and ERA+ while also finishing second in MVP voting.  Overall, he would win 139 Games for the Cubs.
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37. Larry Corcoran 37. Larry Corcoran
A member of Cap Anson's dominant Chicago White Stockings teams of the 1880s, Larry Corcoran had five seasons where he was a pivotal contributor to the team.  From 1880 to 1884, Corcoran won 170 Games and was rare that he was a switch-pitcher, meaning he could alternate throwing arms.  Corcoran made history in 1882 when he became the first pitcher to throw a second no-hitter in his career, which was the same season where he led the National League in ERA, WHIP, and H/9/.  Like so many of his era, the heavy workload took its toll, and he had a dead arm by 1885 and was out of the game two years later.
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38. Frank Schulte 38. Frank Schulte
Frank Schulte would play 13 of his 15 seasons with the Chicago Cubs, where he played Rightfield and was part of the Cubs dynasty that won the National League Pennant in 1906, 1907, 1908, and 1910 and the World Series in 1907 and 1908.  While Schulte was not the star of those teams, he was undoubtedly a contributor, as he batted .321 in those four World Series appearances.
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39. Andy Pafko 39. Andy Pafko
Andy Pako first broke into the Cubs roster in 1943, and in 1945 he had 159 Hits and was part of the Chicago's National League Pennant winning club.  Pafko’s playing time did not reduce when the rest of the big leaguers came home from the War, and he would be named an All-Star four years in a row (1947 to 1950).  In three of those years, he batted over .300, and he had a pair of 30 Home Run seasons.  Overall, he accumulated 1,048 Hits, and he would bat .294 with 126 Home Runs for the club.
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40. Bill Dahlen 40. Bill Dahlen
Bill Dahlen played his first eight seasons in Chicago, which is where the legend of “Bad Bill” began.  As a member of the Colts/Orphans, Dahlen proved to be a very good hitter who had three .300 seasons and was .299 overall for Chicago.  Dahlen would collect 1,170 Hits with 561 RBI for the team with a 34.0 bWAR.
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41. Kris Bryant 41. Kris Bryant
While we stated that Anthony Rizzo was the heart of the Cubs 2016 World Series Championship, Kris Bryant was the star.
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42. Andre Dawson 42. Andre Dawson
The story of Andre Dawson has long been told when it comes in relation to the Chicago Cubs.  It was the year of "Collusion," and Dawson and his agent agreed to a blank amount in front of the Cubs management.  The Cubs would sign him for a half a million dollars, a bargain in every stretch of the word.  "The Hawk" would then proceed to have the best season of his career where he blasted a league leading 49 Home Runs, and 137 Runs Batted In and would win the National League MVP Award.  Dawson never had a year like that again, but he was still a good power hitter who would have 20 or more taters in the next five seasons.
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43. Heinie Zimmerman 43. Heinie Zimmerman
Heinie Zimmerman was a member of the Chicago Cubs World Series Champions in 1907 and 1908, but this was early in his career, and he didn't play much for the Cubs at the time. Instead, he would come into his own in the early 1910s, and in 1912 specifically, he would win the Triple Crown with a stellar .372 Batting Average.  Zimmerman would also lead the National League in Hits (207), Doubles (41), and Slugging Percentage (.571) but amazingly only finished sixth in MVP voting.  Zimmerman would have two other .300 seasons, and overall as a Cub, he would bat .304 with 1,112 Hits.  Had he a better On Base Percentage (.343), he would probably be a few spots higher on this list.
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44. Kiki Cuyler 44. Kiki Cuyler
While Kiki Cuyler’s best years in baseball were as a Pittsburgh Pirate, he actually spent more time with the Chicago Cubs.  Playing 949 Games for Cubs, Cuyler would have five seasons where he batted over .300, two of which would see him exceed .350.  Cuyler's first three years in Chicago (1928-30) would see him lead the National League in Stolen Bases, and he would also finish first in Doubles in 1934.  Overall, he batted .325 with 1,199 Hits for the Cubs, and he would be chosen for the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1968 when he was voted in by the Veteran's Committee.
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45. Jake Arrieta 45. Jake Arrieta
It is safe to say that midway through the 2013 season that when the Baltimore Orioles traded Jake Arrieta (with Pedro Strop) for Steve Clevenger and Scott Feldman that the Cubs got the better end of the deal.
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46. Derrek Lee 46. Derrek Lee
A World Series Champion with the Florida Marlins in 2003, Derrek Lee was one of the many players who was jettisoned off in their fire sale.  Lee would play for the Cubs for six and a half seasons, where he had 1,046 for the team with a beautiful Slash Line of .298/.378/.524 and was a two-time All-Star.  He will always be remembered for his spectacular 2005 season, where he won the Batting Title (.335), Slugging Title (.662), and OPS Title (1.080), and he would have career highs in Home Runs (46).  He would finish third in MVP voting that year, and he would also have a ninth place finish in 2009.
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47. Ed Reulbach 47. Ed Reulbach
A Pitcher for the back-to-back World Series Championship teams in 1907 and 1908, Ed Reulbach was the beneficiary of playing for some potent Cubs teams.  It certainly didn't hurt his winning percentage as he would lead the National League three years in a row in that category (1906-08), and he had at least 17 Wins in his first five years.  The success of his team didn't mean that he didn't help his cause as he had an ERA under 2.00 in four of those years, all of which were good enough for a top six finish.  Reulbach would also lead the NL in H/9 in 1905 and 1906.
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48. Kerry Wood 48. Kerry Wood
Kerry Wood may not have had the career in the majors that he was pegged to have when he was a 21-year old flamethrower, but this was still a strong run for the Strikeout master.  For the Cubs, Wood became a two-time All-Star (2003 & 2008) and would lead the National League in Strikeouts in 2003.  He would throw for 1,470 Strikeouts over 1,278 Innings for 80 Wins.
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49. Rick Sutcliffe 49. Rick Sutcliffe
There have been a lot of unlikely Cy Young winners over the years, but perhaps nobody more shocking than Rick Sutcliffe, who won the NL version of 1984.  This is not because he wasn't a good Pitcher or a flash in the pan but because he never arrived in the National League until June 13.
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50. Lee Smith 50. Lee Smith
Lee Smith began his career with the Chicago Cubs, where he would play his first eight seasons of his 18-year career.  Smith would be a two-time All-Star for Chicago, and he was the league leader in Saves in 1983 and was the three-time runner-up in that department as a Cub.  He would have 180 of his 478 career Saves with Chicago.
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