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4. The Rock

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The Rock

When The Rock called himself the most electrifying man in sports entertainment he wasn’t kidding. There has been no wrestler before or after who was could captivate an audience like he could. The amount of wrestlers who have tried to segue over into Hollywood is long but only Dwayne Johnson became a megastar in that medium. Vince McMahon has often been quoted that he was not in the wrestling business but that he was in the entertainment business. It seems that no past employee of Vince ever personified that statement better than the Rock.


In the ring he was not a selfish athlete. He made a lot of other performers look good and often lost on big stages for the greater good of the company. He didn’t have to win all the time to become a star; rather he used his status to elevate others. The Rock may not have been the greatest wrestler (though he was better than he got credit for) but he was the greatest entertainer that wrestling ever had.


The question for induction is whether Dwayne Johnson would accept the invitation. His movie career is solid and shows no sign of slowing down; essentially he does not have to come back. Now that he has chosen to return in a limited capacity could Vince resist the induction, especially in his hometown?  We don't think he could.




The Bullet Points:


Other Aliases:

Dwayne Johnson (Real Name)

Flex Kavana


Billed From:

U.S.A. (Miami, FL)


Key Championships Held:

USWA Tag Team (2) w/Bart Sawyer

WWF Intercontinental (2)

WWF/E World Heavyweight (7)

WWF World Tag Team (5) (3w/Mankind, 1w/ The Undertaker, 1w/Chris Jericho

WCW World Heavyweight (2)


Why He Will Get In:

He was one of the biggest stars of all time and Vince would love to have him appear at the ceremony for the guaranteed publicity.


Why He Won’t Get In:

He may find himself above it at this point in his life.


Five Greatest Matches/Moments: (In Chronological Order)

1. Was the sole survivor for his team in his PPV debut (11/17/96)

2. Wins four matches (The Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock, The Undertaker & Mankind) & to become the youngest (at that time) WWF World Heavyweight Champion (11/15/98)

3. Match of the year in winning the WWF World Title in an I Quit Match against Mankind (1/24/99)

4. “This is Your Life” segment on Raw is the highest rated segment in wrestling history (9/27/99)

5. Match of the year at Wrestlemania in a Legend VS Icon match against Hulk Hogan (3/17/02)


Should The Rock be in the Hall of Fame?

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Definitely put him in! - 70.6%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 5.9%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 11.8%
No opinion. - 0%
No way! - 11.8%
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0 #1 Dale 2014-01-19 16:40
The Rock should go in because well he is a legend. The bigger reason why they should put him in his because his acting career might be over soon. Then the reason why he might not go in is because he is a semi - retired wrestler and he comes and goes from wrestling.
0 #2 ISMAEL 2014-04-01 19:43
If he dosent go in soon it will be a shame cause peoplegoing in don't compare to him the is the GOAT
-6 #3 Droo 2014-06-11 08:08
He was never that good. in ring, on the mic, in the movies, whatever. Only thing he nailed was 'merch sales', and he's since been eclipsed many times over. Probably 50-100 guys on the list that deserve it before him.
0 #4 Rock 2015-02-27 03:10
Rock has already been selected into the HOF in 2008.
0 #5 Committee Chairman 2015-02-27 09:59
Um....No he wasn't.

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