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9. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

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Jake Roberts

The highlight of a Jake Roberts match wasn’t usually what happened inside the ring, but often what happened before it. His bone chilling, cerebral interviews would set him apart from the traditional bellowing that most wrestlers would do.


Jake was like the evil villain in the movie who you couldn’t help but cheer for anyway. While in the ring, he certainly wasn’t the most athletic or the one with the most impressive physique but it didn’t matter. His ring psychology made up for anything he may have lacked and his matches may not have been the most athletic contests but they felt the most believable. Known for having one of the best wrestling minds in the industry he could still give some of it back should he ever be able to conquer the addictions that have consumed him for years. Hopefully, a healthy and sober Jake Roberts will one day accept induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.



The Bullet Points:



Other Aliases:

Aurelian Smith Jr. (Real Name)

El Diablo



Billed From:

U.S.A. (Stone Mountain, GA)



Key Championships Held:

Mid South Louisiana Heavyweight

Mid South North American

Mid South Television

NWA National Television

NWA World Television (Georgia) (2)

SMW Heavyweight

Stampede North American

WCCW Television



Why He Will Get In:

He was a key figure for the WWE during some peak periods



Why He Won’t Get In:

He is outspoken, and the WWE may fear what he would say before a live crowd.



Five Greatest Matches/Moments: (In Chronological Order)

1. Lost the Mid South North American Title to Paul Orndorff at the

Superdome (7/4/81)

2. Loses to Ricky Steamboat in a Snake Pit Match at “The Big Event”


3. Challenges Randy Savage for the WWF IC Title on Saturday Night’s

Main Event that ignited his face turn (11/29/86)

4. Defeats Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania V by DQ (4/2/89)

5. Headlines what was then WCW’s highest grossing PPV (though the

match was not great) against Sting in a coal miner’s glove match (8/25/92)

Should Jake "The Snake" Roberts be in the Hall of Fame?

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+1 #1 Dale 2014-01-19 16:52
Jake Roberts should be in because of him being apart of a wrestling family. Sam Houston and Rockin Robin are apart of his family in some way. And Grizzily Smith is his father that passed away in 2010 or 2011. Jake Roberts should also go as well being a legend in the wwe. And also owning the famous skit The Snake Pit. (where The Honky Tonk Man hit him with a guitar right before Wrestlemania III).
+1 #2 Michael R 2014-04-04 09:49
:D thank god he is now in the hall of fame

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