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400. Ricki Starr
As Bernard Herman, Ricki Starr was a solid amateur wrestler, but as Ricki Starr, he would take a pair of ballet slippers to incorporate a perceived feminine strut and would sell some tickets in the United States.  Starr would do well in Texas and the East Coast and would become a flamboyant babyface and an improbable one at that.  He would be a regional tag team champion on three occasions.

The Bullet Points

  • Other Aliases: Bernard Herman (Real Name)
  • Billed From: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.
  • Key Championships Held:

    NWA Texas Tag Team w/Ray Gunkel

    NWA (Texas) World Tag Team w/Cyclone Negro

    NWA Western States Tag Team w/Alfred Hayes

  • Why they will get in: He was a unique figure in the world of wrestling.
  • Why they won't get in: He isn’t talked about much anymore.
  • Five Greatest Matches/Moments:
    1. Won the NWA Texas Tag Team Titles with Ray Gunkel by beating Kenji Shibuya and Duke Keomuka 12/??/53.
    2. Loses outdoor main event in Washington D.C. to Antonino Rocca. 10/6/57.
    3. Wrestled The Destroyer to a draw for the WWA World Heavyweight Title 1/18/63
    4. With Cyclone Negro won the NWA (Texas) World Tag Team Titles beat Jim and Jack Dalton 8/16/63.
    5. With Alfred Hayes won the NWA Western Tag Team Titles 9/18/72.

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