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2020 Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame - Round 2

Jesus Shuttlesworth

Jesus Shuttlesworth
  • TV Show/Movie Appeared: He Got Game (1998)
  • Actor/Actress: Ray Allen
  • Position Portrayed: Shooting Guard
  • Played For:: Lincoln H.S.
  • Why you should vote:: This is one of those rare occasions that an athlete did not embarrass himself in a major acting role.
  • Why you should not vote:: Denzel scored a few buckets on him. Unaccapetable!
  • : Generally, when you take an active athlete and put him in a major movie, the results are disastrous (Shaquille O’Neal we are looking in your direction!), but Ray Allen gave a very earnest performance in Spike Lee’s “He Got Game”. The three point specialist played, Jesus Shuttlesworth (is that not a cool name or what?), who was widely recruited by multiple institutions to play hoops, and his father (Denzel Washington) was granted a week long sabbatical from prison to help convince him to play for the college of his Warden’s alma mater in return for a reduced prison stay. The highlight for us (and we are sure others) was the one on one game between Allen and Washington; which justified to us the casting of a non-actor in that role although, we have to say; what was the deal with that ending?

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