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Casey McCall

Casey McCall
Sports Night had a loyal and devoted audience, and had it aired a few years later, or appeared on a smaller channel, we would bet that this acclaimed program would have found a longer life.

Still, our favorite was Casey McCall, one of the co-anchors of the SportsCenter doppelganger; Sports Night. We would have loved to have known where his career and personal story arc would have gone to; though with Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue, we know it would have gotten there in rapid fashion. We can’t say the cancellation was a total loss, as we got to see Peter Krause (McCall) show up as the lead character in Six Feet Under, but we still wish we would have seen where the character would have gone.

The Bullet Points:
TV Show Appeared:
Sports Night (1998-2000)

Peter Krause

Role Portrayed:

Why you should vote for him:
He was (we thought) the top character on a great show.

Why you should not vote for him:
We may have watched it….we are not sure just how many others did.


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