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Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards
We’ll admit that the only reason this is on the ballot is because Nipsey Russell was one of our favorite black comedians of the 70’s and for reasons that still remain unclear to us, his signature elongated “right” during Wildcats, where he was the principal at Central High, seemed to make us laugh every time. Maybe it was our precursor to “Sheeee-it” from Clay Davis, or we really do love peanut brittle. Damn it, now we are trying to figure out how to nominate Davis.

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
Wildcats (1986)

Nipsey Russell

Role Portrayed:
Principal of Central H.S.

Why you should vote for him:
Was not the “great black comics of the 70’s” enough of an argument?

Why you should not vote for him:
It was not a role that did anything to move the plot or did anything but give us flashbacks.


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