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Blip Sanders

A bit (or a lot) of a generic character, Blip Sanders (was this name inspired by former Padre, Bip Roberts?) seems to merely there to be in the “friend” role, AKA, the sounding board for the main characters.  A former minor league teammate of Ginny Baker and coming off of his first All Star Game, we learn that he is a good payer but until we learn more about this character it is hard to imagine him gaining traction here.

Ginny Baker

Are we at the stage where a woman is set to enter Major League Baseball?  Probably not, but Fox’s Pitch is a decent show, and if there were to be a women throwing in the Majors, don’t you think she would look a lot like Ginny Baker?

Mike Lawson

We have to hand it to Zach Morris as we didn’t think that he would ever play a believable athlete.  Actually he did so well, that it took an episode to realize that Mark-Paul Gosselaar was in fact Mike Lawson!

Al Luongo

From his days as Kevin Arnold’s father, Al Luongo clearly learned a little more compassion in his paternal responsibilities.

Amelia Slater

Hollywood super agent, Amelia Slater left Tinseltown behind on the belief that she could strike gold with the woman who would become the first of her gender to make the Majors. 

Oscar Arguella

Oscar Arguella was not much of a baseball player, and the talent he did have was wasted.  He was given another chance by his then Manager, Al Luongo, to become a Scout and through hard work and introspection he worked his way up to General Managers position of the San Diego Padres, a team in which Luongo still Manages.  (How long has he Luongo been with San Diego?)
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