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Bo Callahan

Bo Callahan
We all know that just because you win the Heisman Trophy, it does not mean that you will be a certifiable star in the National Football League. We have seen flops, stars, Heisman winners go undrafted and everything in between. In Draft Day, we have Bo Callahan, the Wisconsin Quarterback who was the reigning Heisman winner, and the expected number one pick. It didn’t happen, and we watch him plummet in a similar fashion that Aaron Rodgers did years ago. It is implied by the Cleveland Browns General Manager (played by Kevin Costner) that there are character issues with Callahan, but all we saw was draft day. Whether Bo Callahan was the next Aaron Rodgers or Ryan Leaf will remain a mystery.   


The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
Draft Day (2013)

Josh Pence

Position Played:

Played for:
University of Wisconsin

Why You Should Vote For Him:
How many Heisman Trophy winners do we have on this ballot?

Why You Should Not Vote For Him:
He was painted as a chump and a likely NFL Draft bust. Matt Leinart anyone?


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