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Billy Young

Billy Young
Forgetting that Roy Scheider was way too old to be playing a baseball player, even in the last year of his career, a lot of people enjoyed watching the Disney Channel film, Tiger Town. He was linked with a young super fan who when he closed his eyes and wished hard enough, would result in a Home Run. Sure, it was as far fetched as Scheider being a baseball player, but it was a decent family film and we enjoyed the cameos from actual Detroit Tigers, though we doubt that Sparky Anderson ever legitimately thought about playing him in the Outfield.

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
Tiger Town (1983)

Roy Scheider

Position Played:

Played For:
Detroit Tigers

Why You Should Vote For Him:
It was an early Disney Channel favorite, and a nice story to boot.

Why You Should Not Vote For Him:
Even for his last season, Scheider looked ten years to old for the role.

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