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We aren’t sure which one blurs the line between reality and fictional music more on the ballot for our readers here, but for our money, we are the most befuddled by the virtual band, Gorillaz.

Gorillaz has an extensive catalogue of music, and have won awards, but though they have had songs that appeared on Billboard, and technically gone on tour, they exist only in the virtual world. Through the musicianship of Damon Albarn (Blur) and comic book artist, Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz was formed which musically combined multiple genres and visually gave us a band that was what they felt music was coming to. The end result was brilliant, award winning and leaving fans for years wondering what they would actually see if they attended a Gorillaz concert (which did occur).

So what does this mean? We have a group that in the studio did a great job, had an amazing virtual presence, but again was something that technically does not exist in the physical world.

Does this count for our Hall of Fame? Is this something that should be associated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame only? Hell, we aren’t sure ourselves, and we are glad that the vote on the Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is yours.

The Bullet Points:
Albums Appeared:
Gorillaz (2001)
Demon Days (2005)
Plastic Beach (2010)
The Fall (2011)

Damon Albarn (2D, Vocals)
Phil Cornwell (Murdoc Niccals, Bass)
Damon Albarn (Russel Hobbs, Drums)
Miho Hatori (Noodle, Keyboard & Guitar)

Songs you might remember:
Feel Good Inc.
Clint Eastwood

Why you should vote for them:
Music wise, this could be the best act here.

Why you should not vote for them:
We are not even sure that they belong on the ballot. You might feel the same.

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