Rock and Roll (567)

Music.  It has the ability to bring people together.  It can stir up hidden emotions.  It can cause you to get up and physically move.  It can help you through your work day.  It separates generations.  We could describe it for page after page in terms both specific and vague but music simply means different things to different people.  Likely, many of these things were on the mind of the builders of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, a tribute to those who built up the genre of Rock and Roll.

Their intentions certainly seemed clear enough.  Their website states that “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honors the legendary performers, producers, songwriters, disc jockeys and others who have made rock and roll the force that it is in our culture”.  For our purposes, we are going to focus on the performer section of the Hall.  That being said, the first rule of eligibility is very simple.  Once an artist has gone twenty five years after the release of their first record, they become eligible.  After that it becomes a little murky.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame states that “criteria include the influence and significance of the artists’ contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll”.  Influence and significance is certainly open to interpretation.  For that matter, so is Rock and Roll.  When Bill Haley sang Rock around the Clock over sixty years ago was he describing a sound, a look or maybe just an attitude?  Did the songwriters just like the word “rock”?  The origin of Rock music is so difficult to pinpoint its subsequent evolution is just as equally hard to chart.

With these vague parameters we at Not in Hall of Fame put our own committee together and came up with the top 250 artists whom we feel deserve consideration for enshrinement in Cleveland.  Are we right?  Are we wrong?   We know two things for sure; the first is that while compiling this list we felt we could make a viable case for multiple artists to be in our number one slot, the second was that it was a blast coming up with it.  Let us know what you think and based on who gets inducted, who becomes newly eligible, your opinions and how our own perceptions change, we will see how we rank them in the following year.    

Until then, Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World!



The Not in Hall of Fame Rock and Roll Committee.

Not that ever could be another Kate Bush, but it could be argued that Tori Amos may have been the closest to achieve that.  As a successful Singer/Songwriter with a 90’s Alternative flair, Amos had a broad appeal and quickly became a darling of the critics.  As of this writing, Tori is still building a legacy and could strengthen her…
The Manic Street Preachers may have been virtually unknown in North America, but they set the English music scene ablaze in the 90’s. Going against the Shoegazing and Acid House movements, the Manics seemed determined to put the rebelliousness back in Rock and Roll. They pushed an anarchistic Rock agenda and though they were a band that achieved notoriety though…
Our next artist may have the longest career on this list but would mot surprise us if she generated the least amount of respect. Of course, it seems like Cher has been fighting for respect her entire career.
Many entries on this list discuss Heavy Metal acts and whether the genre will receive long term respect from the Hall. Should that happen, we wonder if one of the bands that get credit for popularizing it, Blue Cheer may get a look from Cleveland.
Many times when a band gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame critics of the group may point to members who may seem undeserving in comparison to their bandmates. Should, Moby Grape ever get inducted that will be one label that they would not have as they were known for the equal contributions of their members.
As this list (and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) finds itself with a large amount of Singer/Songwriters, it is sometimes tempting just to say that this was the only genre that we are looking to represent. With Tim Buckley, just calling him a Singer/Songwriter seems so empty.
It seemingly took forever but after nomination after nomination the Stooges finally got into the Hall. With that said is their a chance for their charismatic front man Iggy Pop to get in for his successful solo work?
The British Invasion brought all types of Rock stars to the United States. Most of them had a look and a new sound that scared parents, but if any seemed “acceptable” it might have been the upbeat and unthreatening Herman’s Hermits.
The mantra of Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll mantra may not completely apply to Barry White; but the Sex part sure does. If there is any other artist who has been the backdrop to fornication more than Barry White, we would like to know who that might be.
One of the criticisms of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is that some of the potential inductees to the Hall may be considered more because of their draw at the ceremony as opposed to their music. There are many whose induction speech might bring tears to eyes. Somehow, we don’t think that Ted Nugent is one of those…
On the surface, a Rock band that had extensive success in the Pop charts for seven years would have decent shot at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Although Huey Lewis and the News were very successful during the 80’s, the more their career is looked at, the more likely it is that they may not get inducted.
Is it wrong for us to see this band get inducted just to see what kind of letter John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) would write to the Hall next? Seriously, when our little committee got together that topic was all we could talk about for an hour. With that said, though Public Image Ltd., will never approach the legacy of Lydon’s…
In the 80’s much of the Independent and Alternative scene had a synthesized feel to it. Dinosaur Jr. was a band that helped to bring back the guitar attack to the Alternative scene and prior to the Alternative explosion in the early 90’s, could have been considered one of the most important American Alternative acts of the late 80’s.
There is an old saying in Rock regarding The Velvet Underground; they did not sell a lot of albums, but every one who did buy one formed a band. We are not sure, but our guess is at some point the members of The Jesus and Mary Chain bought a few copies themselves. It would not be a big surprise…
Considered by some to be the most successful band to wear the Glam Rock label, a further look at The Sweet would see a band that went through different style changes and were precursors to genres that would come after.
We wonder if an artist associated with a bubblegum type of musical career has a shot at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Should one get in, we might bet on Neil Sedaka; whose career was actually quite extensive despite what many think.
It is occasionally forgotten how huge Phil Collins was in the 80’s. Whether it was on T.V. (Miami Vice), his solo career or with Genesis, Collins certainly didn’t look like a rock star that could have come out of the MTV generation.
After the induction of Grandmaster Flash, there has been a lot of debate among music fans about whether Rap acts belong in the Hall. There really hasn’t been any debate about Synth Pop bands as without any inducted the trigger for debate has yet to begin. We here at NIHOF wonder if one of the more successful and influential bands,…
If it is true that “You’re So Vain” is about David Geffen (Not who we thought it would be either), the only question we have left is could she be the next Singer/Songwriter in the Hall.
Often the British band, Wire has been cast into the Punk genre and although they were clearly influenced by that sound there was a time that they seemed hell bent to deconstruct it.