2027 Rock Eligibles

The Devil Makes Three has established themselves as one of the most fun American Bluegrass bands in years yet all the while maintaining exceptional grit to their music.  While that is fine praise this is a genre that (especially now) that will not receive any consideration for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.   
The Early November were one of many Emo Rock bands to come up in the 2000’s and while they had some success, they disbanded at their peak, thus thwarting their momentum.  This being said, if Drive-Thru Records have their own Hall of Fame, they could be candidate for it.  
Arguably, the Libertines have already established themselves as an important cog historically on the English musical scene.  In the mid 2000’s, they were huge stars in the U.K. and their style of Garage Rock was clearly influenced by their British predecessors from the decades before.  The band’s leaders, Pete Doherty and Carl Barat became musical icons in England and they became certifiable superstars.
While some would classify the Mars Volta as Progressive Rock, many viewed the band from El Paso as “Experimental Rock”. 
With their two part vocal harmonies and introspective and brooding lyrics is this the band that would exist should the Everly Brothers and the Velvet Underground have a child?  Musical metaphors aside, the Raveonettes put forth a musical catalogue that made many musical pundits look at Copenhagen for more acts like them.
Doesn’t it seem like the 2027 Eligibles have a theme of Emo bands who hate that label?  Add The Used to that category.
The Walkmen personified Indie Rock and Garage Rock exceptionally well but like any band that has an “Indie” label associated with it you can expect that they did not sell that many records.  That may be true, but this was a very good band that was excellent for what it was.
For what it is worth, Theory of A Deadman would become the first signee on Chad Kroeger’s 604 Label.  Oh, you’re right, that doesn’t mean that much does it?
A lot of people will look at this entry and automatically crap on 30 Seconds to Mars as just another celebrity band.   However this Jared Leto fronted group actually has a lot of fans, decent reviews and a place in the modern Alt Rock canon.  That being said, we aren’t going to hedge our bets on Leto adding Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee to…
Trapt is not one of those bands that you immediately think of when you discuss the post nu-metal bands of the 2000’s, but the California band sold more records than you probably think.  They also had a number one song (on the U.S. Alternative and U.S. Hard Rock), with their first single, Headstrong, though realistically, that could be pegged as their apex of their career as…
Generally we don’t think to mention Christian bands, but Florida’s UnderOath did receive a bit of mainstream attention due to their Hard Rock/Post Punk musical style and have had two albums reach the Billboard Top Ten.  UndeOath may lyrically sing about Christian matters but they are a very accomplished group, which explains their crossover success.  
The early 2000’s saw a plethora of American female Singer/Songwriters emerge of which Vanessa Carlton was one of them.  She came out with a top five hit with “A Thousand Miles” in 2002 and looked to be poised for a major career.  It didn’t happen, and though she put out multiple albums after her breakthrough she did not come close to duplicating that success again.
An Experimental Rock band that is essentially Jamie Stewart and whoever is around him at the time, Xiu Xiu seemingly uses every instrument in the musical landscape while tackling dark topics.  Stewart can sound melancholy and angry all at the same time and exudes a poetic brilliance.  This is all fine and good but it is not a recipe for a Rock and Roll Hall of…
In 2003, Yeah Yeah Yeahs were definitely the “it band” and the buzz around them was electric.  While that has certainly cooled off, this a very respected group with a strong female lead, Karen O that made people harken back to groups like Blondie and The Pretenders.  Should the Hall look at Art Rock a little more an acclaimed group like this could have a shot.
Always witty, somewhat quirky and all the way post-punk, Young Knives carved (excuse the pun) a nice little niche for themselves in their native England on the indie scene.  This isn’t exactly the mold of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee but they were too fun to leave off of our site.