2027 Rock Eligibles

We don’t think that anyone who was listening to N*Sync really thought of them as Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, but those that heard them knew that Justin Timberlake was the real talent.  As it turns out, he might be one of the greatest musical talents of his generation.
While Killer Mike’s gravelly voice is one of the more distinctive in rap, it is far from the most heard.  Realistically, he is far better associated with his work with OutKast as opposed to anything he did on his own.
While Kylesa is often categorized as Sludge Metal, the group from Savannah, Georgia incorporates the entire metal spectrum to enhance their sound.  With three varying lead singers, Kylesa is also one of the most versatile metal bands of their era, though all types of metal have been ignored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
LCD Soundsystem for all intents and purposes is the brainchild of James Murphy, established itself as one of the best, if not most important Alternative Dance groups if the 2000’s.  With two very good albums under their belt, the overall catalogue is probably not deep enough to get them a proper look but this in act that should get more Hall of Fame attention than they…
Maroon 5 should be a lock for the Pop Music Hall of Fame, but pop groups aren’t necessarily what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is all about…
Lyrically tackling religion in a spoken word form is a simplistic way of describing mewithoutyou an Indie band from Philadelphia.  The art rockers have certainly gained a cult following, though not a very big one, though we don’t think they ever sought a large audience. 
While it is easy to throw My Chemical Romance in to the Emo genre (a label they actually hate), there will be many who will accurately point out that this is a band that has evolved their sound throughout the years and of the Punk Pop revival bands are amongst the most successful.  There is also a pageantry to their music that some could argue is…
Underground rapper, P.O.S. (an acronym for many things) is actually a consummate multi-instrumental musician and often fronts hardcore punk bands.  Basically, we are saying that with P.O.S., you generally don’t know what you are going to get, though we also know that not to many know who he is at all.
Most people internationally are only aware of Peter Bjorn and John for their 2006 hit, “Young Folks”, a beautiful and melodic alt-pop song.  The bulk of their music follows suit, though the North American perception that the Swedish Indie Rock band is a one hit wonder certainly makes it difficult for them to gain any Rock and Roll Hall of Fame momentum.
There are many who will look at Rihanna and state that this is not a rock star and a mega-pop star at best.  Let’s say she is, and if that is all, the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame have inducted people as popular for as long as Rihanna. 
Possibly one of the most successful bands to come out of Quebec, Simple Plan followed in the mode of the Pop-Punk bands of the mid 2000’s.  While their music was never considered deep, it was fun for what it was and sold quite a few albums.  Whether or not the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame pays attention to them at all remains to be seen.
Death Metal and Scandinavia seem to go hand and hand and Norway’s Sirenia might be one of the most cerebral (or melancholy) of the genre.  This makes them a lock for a Death Metal Hall of Fame, but that means nothing to the voters in Cleveland.
Something Corporate is a great name for an Emo Band, though we never really thought that was a label that suited them.  This group was a very slick and polished band that arguably were more of amalgamation of Elton John and Alternative Rock.  They did not make a huge splash commercially but might historically become more significant than those who outsold them.
Founded as a side project by Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Jim Root, Stone Sour is arguably a softer version of the latter band, in that Taylor’s vocals aren’t nearly as aggressive.  This does not take away that this was a very good Alternative Band in its time, but Slipknot members are not going to get inducted twice, if they do at all!
There are bands that we have discussed that are painted with an Emo brush and it isn’t exactly the case.  With Taking Back Sunday, there is no doubt that this is an Emo Band. 
Perhaps known best for being one half of Black Star with Mos Def, Talib Kweli is one of the most cerebral rapper of the modern era.  Kweli was exceptionally skilled, socially aware and critically beloved, though not necessarily commercially successful.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will not come calling, though the Hip Hop Hall of Fame might, though that might be a long shot…
The All-American Rejects were one of many bands in the 2000’s to capitalize on the pop-punk sound, and had three top ten hits (Dirty Little Secret, Gives You Hell & It Ends Tonight), while doing it.  While they were a successful and fun band, they were not exactly innovative, even by their own admission.  Any chance that the All-American Rejects will depend on how well their…
The Black Keys are often labeled as an Alternative Band, but the duo comprising the band from Akron, Ohio have so much blues influence in their sound that in some ways seems like the natural evolution from blues influenced rockers form the early 60’s.
Mostly known worldwide for their hit, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”, British band, The Darkness, were a throwback to the late 1970’s power ballad bands and carved themselves a brief international niche.  While some view The Darkness as a one hit wonder, they did well in England and are more successful than the casual fan understands.
One of the most critically beloved band in recent years, The Decemberists have been lauded for their brilliant and creative writing with a pop sensibility.  Their influences seem infinite though they seemingly picked up where R.E.M. left off.  This isn’t a band that will ever dominate singles charts but they did have a number one album (The King is Dead) and has a devoted fanbase.  This…