2026 Rock Eligibles

Jack Johnson was at one time a competitive surfer and based on the music he did, he did his best channel Pop/Rock meets the beach.  Johnson would become classified as a Soft Rock superstar and one that has a sizable niche in that field.  Multiple Singer/Songwriters have entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and though he has sold a lot of records, is he…
It can be argued that Josh Groban has one of the most incredible voices ever heard.  That being said, does being an Adult Contemporary star, even one with a voice as strong as his, make one a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer?  No, probably not.
A unique mix of Punk Rock and Electronica, the Brooklyn based Liars took what bands like A Certain Ratio and Gang of Four did to another level.  Creating a more danceable Punk, or at least a more layered version of it, Liars have always been interesting, though not necessarily rich from sales, as this is not a band that not many people are aware of.
Lostprophets were able to sell quite a bit of albums in the United Kingdom, where the Welsh band’s brand of Nu-Metal was well received.  Unfortunately, we know that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which does love the United Kingdom, but only when they make an impact in the United States.  Beyond a couple songs on the U.S. Alternative charts, that didn’t happen here.
Perhaps a dark horse contender (or a solid early entry if there is ever a Heavy Metal Hall of Fame) Mastodon could one day slip in should some of the bands they took over the mantle from (namely Pantera and Biohazard) ever receive the love from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that so many Metal fans claim is missing.  This a very well respected…
Lo-Fi (if that is how you define Midlake) has not yet had a represent challenge the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but if someone does, it will probably have to be a group that has had a little more commercial success than this group of Texans.
A major star in the field of Country Music, Miranda Lambert has a lot in common with many past stars of the genre; they won’t get inducted here.
Pharrell Williams became a very large name on his own, but this side project from the Neptunes generated solid success in the 2000’s with their patented slick production and funky vibes.  As much as Pharrell did well on his own, we are hoping that people (and not necessarily the Hall, because that won’t happen) do not forget what occurred here.
From Soft Rock Singer/Songwriter to overly produced Hip-Hop Dance act, Canadian, Nelly Furtado may have changed her “category” a few times, but for a stretch she was a very successful International act.  Still, does the period where she had her greatest commercial success actually inhibit her from receiving any kind of look from the Hall?  Based on her career progression, it just might.
Coming to her musical ability naturally (she is the daughter of Ravi Shankar) Norah Jones emerged as one of the top Soft Jazz stars of her time.  With a voice made for the genre, she effortlessly floated with Pop and Country styles and quietly amassed a large number of record sales.  Jones however may however not be considered “innovative” enough to get a serious look though.
With a decent career in the early 2000’s as a Singer/Songwriter, Pete Yorn would become well known for his multi-faceted ability to play multiple instruments on his recordings.  Yorn would achieve critical success, though not necessarily the commercial level that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is likely to look at.
Yep.  This guy.  For whatever it is worth, he is eligible this early though no matter what happens, this is the man who gave is “Gangnam Style” years ago.  What does that mean here?   Not a whole hell of a lot.
For a brief time, Puddle of Mudd managed to have one of the more successful “Post Grunge” careers, but their run in the mainstream basically construed a one album period, that did not exactly get the critics salivating.  Say what you want about critical love, but we all know that matters in this Hall of Fame.
When trying to explain the Anti-Folk scene in New York City, it might just be easier to play a Regina Spektor album.  If that is accurate, what role does Anti-Folk play in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
A very respected Punk Rock band from the Second City, Rise Against was a little more structured than they got credit for, especially lyrically.  The band would become known for political stances, human rights and well, “Rising Against” the inequalities they saw in the world.  This may actually be one of the more accurately named bands in recent memory.
A critically acclaimed Hip Hop artist, RJD2 embraced Electronica more than many of his peers and indirectly had quite the Indie and Alt Hip Hop feel.  It didn’t always translate into album sales though, and a Hall of Fame induction seems a far away at this point, though he has evolved into an excellent producer.
From Toronto, the very difficult to categorize band, “Stars” may have found a way to blend the retro Soul of Marvin Gaye, with the Post Punk of New Order.  The result was a surprisingly beautiful sound that though did not sell a lot of records, pleased all of those who bought it.  It is not exactly a Hall of Fame resume, but they did leave a…
In the first few years of the new Millenium, Starsailor was a major player in the post Brit-Pop musical landscape in the United Kingdom.  The critics loved them, they put on a decent live show, and they had a series of hits.  The problem for this discussion, and my God, we are getting tired of typing this; they did not make it in the United States,…
Whether or not you think T.I. should be in the Rock and Roll of Fame, or any Hip Hop Hall of Fame for that matter should be noted as like it or not, this is a man who had a five year stretch on top of the charts.  Now what that means to the generations coming up remains to be seen, but he should not be…
Comprised of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the Comedy/Metal duo of Tenacious D may have been considered a joke in some circles, but to others they were not just funny, but they were damned good.  Unlike other comedian/musicians, Tenacious D had musical chops, and could their own in the musical spectrum with their operatic style approach to Metal.