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68. Steppenwolf

Tuesday, 29 November -0001 19:00

Our introduction to our Rock and Roll list depicted the ever changing face of what Rock and Roll is or was. There are artists on this list with whom we expect to hear a roaring cry that they are not “Rock and Roll”. We doubt we will hear that with Steppenwolf.


The word influence is brandished about on this list as it should be simply based on the verbage of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Steppenwolf does get credit for the creation of the term “Heavy Metal” from a line in their Hard Rock Classic; “Born to be Wild”. They may not have been the band that created Heavy Metal music but their place as one of the Hardest Rocking bands in the late 1960’s is not debatable and could be one of the best bands to listen to on the open road. Although some question their influence, they were more about impact and that can not be questioned. Rock and Roll may not have a clear definition anymore, but the early music of Steppenwolf may be pretty damn close to it.


The Bullet Points:


Eligible Since:



Country of Origin:

U.S.A. (Los Angeles, CA)


Why They Will Get In:

Their two biggest hits remain entrenched in the Rock and Roll world.


Why They Won’t Get In:

Two hits may not be enough


Nominated In:



Essential Albums:

Steppenwolf (1968)

Steppenwolf the Second (1968)

Monster (1969)

Steppenwolf 7 (1970)


Our Five Favorite Songs as
Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee:

Born to Be WIld (From Steppenwolf, 1968)

The Pusher (From Steppenwolf, 1968)

Magic Carpet Ride (From Steppenwolf the Second, 1968)

Monster (From Monster, 1969)

Renegade (From Steppenwolf 7, 1970)



Should Steppenwolf be in the Hall of Fame?

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Definitely put them in! - 35.7%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 28.6%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 35.7%
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