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Alice Cooper

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As popular music grew, television made it a visual medium. Landmark moments were created; as anyone alive could tell you about the first time they saw the grinding hips of Elvis Presley or waiting in anticipation to see the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. Viewing these icons made fans want to see them more and the era of concerts began. Most artists were content to just play their songs in front of a crowd; Alice Cooper wanted to tell a story. An Alice Cooper concert was not like anything else that had ever been done before. Incorporating elements of horror movies and vaudeville to create an elaborate stage act, his theatrics were combined with an underrated song writing style that appealed to the youth of his generation like few had before. Rock history views Cooper as the father of Shock Rock and a key player in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal’s evolution. The 1970’s brought Alice Cooper a lot of success and considering his influence he certainly appears to have the resume of an enshrined artist in Cleveland. Frankly, we really can’t figure out why it took them so long. Inducted in 2011. From Detroit, Michigan Alice Cooper (Vocals), Glen Buxton (Guitar), Michael Bruce (Guitar & Keyboards), Dennis Dunaway (Bass) & Neal Smith (Drums)
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0 #1 PickGuru -0001-11-29 19:00
An utter travesty that this pioneer is not in already, let alone never nominated!
0 #2 jimmy26 -0001-11-29 19:00
Really in my mind there are only 3 acs that their is absolutly no argument that you can make against theri enshrinement. Alice Cooper is one of those three (Rush and Kiss being his brethren in rejection). The reason I believe he has not been elected (beside from some kind of fued between Alice and Jann Wenner, see KISS) is that the hall was waiting to elect teh Stooges first out of some kind of chronological theory that the Stooges predated Alice on the shock rock time line. That is utter nonsense. The Stooges were before Alice but their impact is about the a tenth of arguably the gratest showman the genre has ever known. And yes he had groundbreaking music and even moreso music that is anthemetic of rebellion, youth and girls and thus what rock and roll is really about. Well the Stooges are now in for some unknown reason so it is about time Mr. Wenner and your esteemed colleagues to put this man in. Don't let another year go by of doing the wrong thing! Do the right thing and let the real master of shock rock and Godfather of punk and grunge in.

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