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In the over the top decade of the 70’s KISS were among the flashiest and you could not turn around without seeing their painted faces everywhere. Opinions on whether this theatrical band should be in the Hall are very strong on both the pro and con. Their fervent supporters will point to their massive record sales, vibrant concerts and thirty years plus of longevity as vital reasons for their cause. Their detractors will point to their lack music’s lack of depth and that they were little more than a gimmick band. Fact is; both camps are right. Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons will never be confused for John Lennon & Paul McCartney or Keith Richards & Mick Jagger but to their millions of fans their music is pure escapism and their definition of what Rock music is all about. And while yes, their kabuki style make up was a gimmick…well, it was one hell of a gimmick!



Should KISS be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely put them in! - 51.2%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 14%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 7%
No opinion. - 0%
No way! - 27.9%
Last modified on Friday, 18 November 2016 20:05
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0 #12 Committee Chairman 2014-01-03 05:55
@Mike, they will be at the end of January when our revised list in completed.
0 #11 mike dobey 2014-01-02 22:55
kiss rocks , we love em! and they are in. so they should be taken off this list.
0 #10 mike d 2013-10-27 01:07
The ignorant racist smokestoomuch comments are as stupid as he is. kiss plays very well and knows what they are doing. but his whole post is basically a anti jewish rant and two the members of kiss were not jewish, peter criss and ace frehley. not that it matters. but kiss brought tons of people to rock and they made many good songs. Including pop hits even. so... kiss will get in ... deep purple will also get in. and yes. these bands will go in. and nirvana too. who could play less well than kiss but were still good. so if anyone says kiss can't play they should just say skip nirvana. who I saw live and they barely could play.
-1 #9 biograph 2013-05-12 07:56
Let 'em give up and put the Monkees in, then it'll make sense to have KISS. (Hell, John Cougar Mellencamp is in, so why not?)
0 #8 Johnny D 2013-05-10 13:23
I've never heard anything more ignorant and retarded than
"KISS couldn't play their instruments" or "their songs sucked". People like this have no business deciding whether or not a band is "hall worthy". Opinions are opinions, but numbers never lie. This band has sold a gillion albums, and YES had top 40 hits, and STILL performs today. KISS at one point was the most popular band in the entire world. You don't get that way without music to back up the stage show. More people recognize KISS than the faces on Mt. Rushmore. This band is not only hall worthy, the hall is unworthy of them. They transcended music and became bigger than any band besides the Beatles. They weren't the Beatles, they were Coca-Cola. A brand that was famous worldwide and enjoyed by many after 4 decades. Claiming they're untalented and are just a mere stage act, invalidates any other ignorant and/or statement that follows.

I'm a musician, and the reason I picked up a guitar was because of KISS.
+2 #7 Floyd General 2012-12-11 02:28
KISS can and do play their instruments very well...KISS music is as good or better than any other rock music out there.....They just added entertainment and a rock and roll show to their concerts. So What!
KISS music is far better than any Pop Rock or Pop music out there.....
KISS influenced numerous others...
KISS in the Hall...
+1 #6 Mark Nieuweboer 2012-09-10 15:11
I'm more than not a Kiss fan. They hardly knew to play their instruments, their riffs were utterly generic.
Alas they pioneered the theatrics of hair metal.
So yes, they should enter the HoF in the end.
+3 #5 Mike 2012-05-29 03:45
Go to any guitar show and see if you can throw a rock and not hit someone who was inspired by Kiss. Hell even Garth Brooks sights Kiss as a big influence on his musical career. Kiss has gotten a bad rap due to the commercializati on of their brand. I think more people are pissed cause they didn't think of it first. Did they go overboard? Yes. Were they they biggest band in the world for several years in the 1970's? Hell yeah. To not put them in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and have some of the acts that they do have is a joke. The RNR HOF will remain a joke in my mind until they acknowledge bands like Kiss. KISS ARMY FTW!!!!
-25 #4 Smokestoomuch -0001-11-30 00:00
If the Rock Hall is about music, there's no way these Jews should even be considered. If the Rock Hall is about self-promotion then, fine, let them in. Self-hype seems to go a long way on this list. Compare Kiss's spot on the list with Humble Pie. Kiss covered their talentless act with makeup, pyrotechnics and antics. It's the Jewish formula for success.
+2 #3 Sean -0001-11-30 00:00
I don't like a lot of their songs, and they weren't innovative, but they were definitely one of the most influential glam rock and hard rock acts, and actually more critically acclaimed than most would think. Influential stage antics as well. I think I'd rather see T. Rex and/or Roxy Music get in first for glam rock and Deep Purple get in first for hard rock, but I admit those are personal preferences.

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