93. Huey Lewis & the News

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93.  Huey Lewis & the News
The Heart of Rock and Roll
Highest Billboard Position:
#6 in 1984

Many Saturday Nights in bars across the country you will find a bunch of horrible bands of old white guys who look your drunken uncles butchering up Classic Rock songs while trying to seem cool and relevant.  Every once in a while, they will try to mix in a new song they penned themselves and their middle aged wives will be the only ones up and clapping.  Huey Lewis and the News remind us of this type of band.

They don’t look like Rock stars, they look like that washed up group at your neighborhood bar.  Amazingly, they made it in the video conscious 80’s where looks were paramount, but watered down Rock was acceptable.  Of all the bad songs Mr. Lewis put out, listening to them sing about the Heart of Rock and Roll seemed so wrong from a bunch of guys who seemed to suck the life of it; something they did successfully until the decade ended.

How awful is The Heart of Rock and Roll?

I totally agree, this song is god awful! - 17.4%
This song is bad, but there is much worse. - 8.7%
This song is actually a guilty pleasure. - 17.4%
No opinion. - 4.3%
You are nuts, this song is amazing. - 52.2%
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