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Frank Thomas believes he should be First Ballot

As you already know, the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot yielded no entries. The 2014 Ballot has three new power house selections in Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas, though none of them come with any controversy. One of those men, Frank Thomas, has gone on record that he believes he should be a first ballot selection next year.

The two time American League MVP stated that the three of them (meaning him, Glavine & Maddux) “have resumes that should be there on the first ballot”. Thomas finished his career with a career .301 Batting Average, 521 Home Runs and a career OPS that ranks him 14th All Time. We believe Thomas is correct and that, the three of them are likely first ballot entries to Cooperstown. Thomas however seemed to show no real sympathy for the PED group (Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire & Roger Clemens) who were not selected.

Thomas stated that “Those guys put up some real good numbers, but they are fake.” He added that he wouldn’t say that he felt “bad for them” as he “respected them on the field” but “they chose this” and made their own decisions off the field” and “have to live with it.”

This is not a new position for the “Big Hurt” as throughout his career he has been vocal against the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs going as far as testifying at a U.S. Congressional hearing in 2005.

We will be unveiling in the coming weeks our revised Notinhalloffame.com Baseball List that will have Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine on it. Look for it soon!



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