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The 1949 Hockey HOF Class is up

Well, you have seen us grow our site with the addition of existing Hockey Hall of Fame inductees. We have done the first two classes of 1945 and 1947, so we move to add the curiously small class of 1949 which contained only two members; that being:

Art Ross

Dan Bain

It may be a small addition, but gang you know the drill. Check it out, and cast your votes. Look for upcoming classes soon!


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  • 49. Eric Bischoff
    49.  Eric Bischoff It is easy to say that because he had access to Ted Turner’s resources he was able to mount an offensive against the WWE. Just because you have the resources doesn’t mean you know what to do with it.     If you remember the night that hell froze over and Eric Bischoff appeared on WWE television hugging Vince McMahon,…
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