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Chris Kluwe criticizes the Football HOF

Minnesota Vikings Punter, Chris Kluwe has never been shy with his opinions. He wrote “Vote Ray Guy” on his jersey patch that commemorates the Hall’s 50th anniversary. Guy, who has been universally labeled as the greatest punter ever never, got into the Hall despite being a semi-finalist multiple times. In fact, there is no football player who was strictly a punter who has been enshrined in Canton.

Kluwe called the Hall of Fame a “sham” and added that he would not “support a Hall of Fame that doesn’t have a punter in it”. He went on to say that sysyem if flawed if does not “acknowledge every facet of the game”.

Chris Kluwe raises a valid point. Punting may not be the sexiest aspect of the gridiron but it is a vital part of every football game. As such, Kluwe’s statement has some merit, as punters and kickers have never been the most respected in the game. This echoes a similar scenario in baseball where Edgar Martinez has not yet gotten into the Baseball Hall of Fame despite being the best DH of all time.  

Ray Guy can only get into the Hall of Fame as a Senior Candidate now. This is still a possibility in the future, but as only one gets in annually the likelihood continues to dim

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