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Hockey Hall of Fame Weekend!

There may not be an NHL season, but this weekend the Hockey Hall of Fame officially inducts its latest class into Toronto.

The class is a solid one, headlined by Joe Sakic who enters on his first year of eligibility. The native of British Colombia won every accolade worth winning in hockey. He is a former Hart Trophy winner and Stanley Cup Champion. His trophy case also includes an Olympic Gold Medal, a World Junior Gold Medal, A Lady Byng and a First Team All Star Selection. Had Sakic not entered in his first year, it would have been considered a travesty.

Pavel Bure will also be recognized this weekend. The Russian Rocket was a goal scoring machine whose career productivity was cut short by injuries. Many have been clamoring for Bure to get in (he was eligible for six years) and for many this is an oversight that has been finally cleared by the powers that be.

Much the same was said about Adam Oates, who is also inducted this weekend. Oates got in his fifth year and is one of the few players who have over 1,000 assists. The gifted playmaker played with seven NHL teams in his career and is not commonly associated with any particular one. That may have been a big reason why it took as long as he did.

This cannot be said about Mats Sundin. The talented Swedish star spent his best years in Toronto where he was their best player for at least a decade. As the ceremony takes place in Toronto, and there is often recognition of the new entries at Leafs games during the Hall of Fame weekend, we were deprived of what would have been a stellar reaction from the Leaf nation.

We here at notinhalloffame.com congratulate this year’s class, and hope that some NHL games transpire before the next ceremony in 2013.


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  • 343. The Kingsmen
    There are those in the Hall for one album, and it can even be debated in selected cases that it is for one song. With that said, can a case be made for the Kingsmen whose lone hit was a song that they didn’t even write? It is very hard to argue that the Kingsmen rendition of Louie Louie could…
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