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229. Val Venis

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Val Venis
Yes we are suggesting the potential induction of a greasy porn star.  Sean Morley was already a very good wrestler and proved to be a natural in the ring, but when he debuted as the star of exotic pictures, Val Venis, he became an instant star in the WWE and was involved in many programs in the mid card.

Venis had size, ability, and the gift of gab, but he was forever derailed when he joined the Right to Censor and denounced his evil ways.  He would return to the porn star gimmick, but the momentum was lost and he would be dropped to near enhancement status, where he was still able to use his strong in ring ability to help get others over.  Had his character not been taken off track, we suspect that he would have a much greater chance than he currently has.

The Bullet Points:

Other Aliases:
Sean Morley (Real Name)
Chief Morley
The Big Valbowski

Billed From:
U.S.A. (Las Vegas, NV)

Key Championships Held:
WWC World Tag Team (3) 2w/Glamour Boy Shane, 1w/Rex King
WWC Television (2)
CMLL Heavyweight
WWF Intercontinental (2)
WWF European
IWA Tag Team w/Ricky Santana
WWF World Tag Team w/Lance Storm

Why He Will Get In:
He was a solid worker with a long WWE run

Why He Won’t Get In:
His last few years in the WWE featured MANY losses.

Five Greatest Matches/Moments: (In Chronological Order)
1.  Won the CMLL Heavyweight Title in Mexico defeating Rayo de Jalisico
Jr.  (4/18/97)
2.  Had a great opening match at Summer Slam against D-Lo Brown
3.  Won the WWF Intercontinental Title from Ken Shamrock (2/14/99)
4.  Pinned Mankind at No Mercy (10/17/99)
5.  Won the IC Belt for a second time defeating Rikishi (7/5/00)

Should Val Venis be in the Hall of Fame?

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Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 33.3%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 33.3%
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No way! - 33.3%
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