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You know, we here at NIHOF may have had Dino ranked as our #5 candidate but we didn’t think he was ever going to get in. Considering he has been eligible since 2002 and has the career statistics of a Hall worthy inductee, we just thought that he was the kind of guy that the Hall would look to avoid…or conveniently forget. Statistically speaking Dino’s case should be open and shut. Dino had 608 goals and 1,200 career NHL points over a nineteen year career. His career goal total puts him sixteenth all time. Prior to his induction, that total…

2018 Rock Eligibles

We've updated the Rock and Roll Eligibles for 2018.  Vote and comment on your favourites!  

All the Way to 2017

We've updated to include all the eligible rock artists right up to 2017! Check them out and vote for your favourites!
The 2014 potential classes of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are up and ready for your vote.   Check it out!      
The 2012 and 2013 potential classes of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are up and ready for your vote.  These classes feature some real heavyweights!   Check it out!        
You see who we rank among those eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What about those coming up? Check out our list of potential artists eligible in upcoming years. Currently available is our list of 2011 eligibles. An interesting group indeed!
The Inaugural Hockey list is now complete. The Top 100 eligible Hockey Players for the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada have been selected. In just a couple of months we will see how are selections stack up to that of the HHOF committee. Take a look at our selections and make your votes and opinions known to us here at!
The Top 500 in the Rock and Roll Section is now up!!!! Stay tuned as additional lists will arrive discussing those who are not yet in their respective Hall of Fame!