While we don’t rank those who are not in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, it has always been an institution that we have had respect for and report on whenever they have a major announcement. It doesn’t get any bigger for them then when they have chosen a new class!

The 2018 Songwriters Hall of Fame Class consists of John Mellencamp, Alan Jackson, Bill Anderson, Jermaine Dupri, Steve Dorff, Allee Willis and the members of Kool & The Gang.

For many (and essentially us) the headliner is John Mellencamp, who is also a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A legend of the heartland rock scene, Mellencamp had ten top ten hits including a number one with “Jack and Diane”. He also had a number one album (American Fool) in 1982.

Alan Jackson was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame last year. The native of Georgia had 38 songs reach the top five on the Country & Western chart. “Whisperin” Bill Anderson, who is also a Country Music Hall of Fame inductee (2001) had seven songs go to number one and wrote many hits for other Country musicians. Steve Dorff wrote hits for Eddie Rabitt and George Strait and others and was also successful in writing television shows.

R&B mogul Jermaine Dupri wrote or co-wrote many hits for Usher, Mariah Carey and many others. Allee Wills collaborated with Earth Wind & Fire and the Pointer Sisters among others in the R&B field. The members of Kool & the Gang who are inducted are Robert “Kool” bell, Ronald Bell, George Brown and James “JT” Taylor.

The official induction ceremony will take place on June 14.

We here at Notinhalloffame.com would like to congratulate the newest members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class.

John Mellencamp may very well be the defining sound of Middle America.  His Roots Rock found a large audience and an unexpected amount of hits.  His music reflected his love of the American Heartland, and that portion of America seemed to love him back.