It was announced today (and not a large surprise based on leaks that have been rampant) that Lisa Moretti, who competed in the WWE as Ivory will be this year’s female inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Moretti was a member of GLOW in the 80’s where she competed as Tina Ferrari, made her debut in the WWE as the valet of Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown in 1999 (we are deliberately omitting her one off as one of the Godfather’s hos) and winning the Women’s Title twice that year, the first time from Debra McMichael, the second from The Fabulous Moolah.

2000 would be her best year in the WWE where she joined the villainous and puritanical Right to Censor faction and she would defeat Lita in a four way match to win the Women’s Title for a third time. She would feud with Chyna over the latter’s posing for Playboy. Their program would culminate in Chyna soundly thrashing Ivory for the title at Wrestlemania X7.

Ivory would stay contracted to the WWE for the next few years but was not involved in any major storylines. When she was not wrestling she would occasionally broadcast and also served as a trainer on Tough Enough. Her contract was not renewed in 2005.

While Ivory wrestled at a time where most of the women competed in non-athletic gimmick matches, fans knew that Moretti was a decent wrestler and was capable of far more than she was allowed to do and is a genuine pioneer for the female workers of today.

We here at would like to congratulate Lisa Moretti for obtaining this honor.

180. Ivory

The only person ever to come out of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion with a decent career in the industry, Lisa Moretti had a decent run as “Ivory”, where she showed off a solid balance of beauty and skill and was a welcome addition to the Women’s division in the WWE.   She would hold the WWE Women’s Championship three times, and though she was not always used correctly, she was a worker in a division that needed it desperately.