As you may have heard, Andy Pettitte has returned to the New York Yankees.  The pitcher retired somewhat abrubtly, as his last season (2010) was a very good campaign that saw him go 11 and 3 with an All Star appearance, so there was reason to think he could continue.  Some have speculated that his retirement was brought on by his then impending role in the Roger Clemens trial, and as he has stated recently that he is "mentally ready to play", we have to wonder if there is some validity to that.

Regardless of his reasoning, Pettitte's return raises Hall of Fame questions for us.  We were not sure when he retired whether he was Cooperstown material or not.  Granted, he had a very impressive won/loss record of 240 and 138, but playing for some great teams certainly helped that statistic.  Quietly, he has raied himself to #48 all time, but his WHIP is average and only three times was he in the top ten in WAR (for pitchers).  We suspected, that he would have made our list but likely the bottom half.  

So we ask this....  what would Andy Pettitte have to do to make himself a lock for the Hall of Fame, or at least raise his chances?  He does not have enough juice left to get 300 wins, or 3,000 strikeouts (we don't think anyway), so that might be out.  Is it possible?  We would love to hear what you think.

Last year. four of our top ten candidates were named to the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Coincidently, we have four first year candidates who have taken there place; including our new number one: Joe Sakic.

We have a lot of reason to think that Sakic will get in on his first year.  In the bost basic terms, he has the career numbers, strong individual seasons and championships both Internationally and profesionally.  The career Nordique/Avalanche forward is joined other first time candidates, Brendan Shanahan (#5), Mats Sundin (#6) and Jeremy Roenick (#7) who may not be first ballot Hall of Famers; but have a strong case for enshrinement.

Curtis Joseph (#25),  Gary Roberts (#54) and Teppo Numminen (#93) are also first year additions to the list.

If you are into hockey, give it a look and cast a vote for these new entries!

With special to thanks to our member, Spheniscus, we here at Notinhalloffame are pleased to announce the launch of a new section here: The NASCAR list.  The NASCAR Hall of Fame has only been in place for a few years, but with a beautiful building and a loyal fan base, this is a Hall with some serious legs.   Please take a look at this new section which helps complete our major sports section.

Gang..... i got to thinking..... With the NCAA Basketball class announced, and with Garth Brooks also being named to the Country Music Hall of Fame; are there other Halls of Fame that you would like to see profiled here?  Should we start looking at the Collgiate Ranks?  There is a Boxing Hall of Fame, but honestly is that sport worth looking at anymore?  What about UFC?  It is a relatively new sport, but one that garnishes a lot of attention.  Should we look at the Hip Hop Hall of Fame, Country Music and Pop Music Hall of Fame?

What would you like to see next?