Andre Iguodala is asked about his HOF Chances

Andre Iguodala is asked about his HOF Chances
03 Jun
Not in Hall of Fame
Andre Iguodala, who is in the middle of going after his fourth NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors about his chances for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in an interview with Ethan Strauss f the Atlantic. Based on his comments, it is a topic he never thinks about it, nor think is even worth consideration: Iguodala had this to say: I don't care. None of it matters. Does anyone remember any of those speeches other than Jordan's? See, here's how it works. One day, you're replaced. Then it's some other motherf--ker in there. And then there's another motherf--ker. And another after that. Nobody remembers anything. None of it matters!" Normally, we don’t believe it when players say it doesn’t matter in regards to the Hall of Fame, but we tend to believe Iguodala on this one…although we care! On the surface, Andre Iguodala is not a name that stands out. He has only been an All-Star once, and he isn’t likely to gain a second. Throw in that he was never an All-NBA Selection and it becomes even harder. Still, this is a player who was a former Finals MVP, whose play in 2015 likely won Golden State the championship. His Gold Medal for Team U.S.A. in 2012 doesn’t hurt either. He probably won’t get into the Hall of Fame, thus robbing of us a speech that could rival Jordan’s (whose oration was memorable for the wrong reasons) but he is not as far away as many people would think. We will certainly be giving him a solid rank once he is Hall of Fame eligible.
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