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01 Jan
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2018 is here and in the first couple of months we have a lot of new material coming from

To make things easier, we will go section by section:

Rock and Roll:

As you know the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced their latest class. This means that we have a lot of work to do in regards to revising our Rock list, which will remove those who just entered and adding those who are now eligible. While this will involve a lot of work, it is a top priority for us and we will be endeavoring to get this up by the end of January.


In late January the Baseball Hall of Fame will be announcing the new class. Once that is done, we will work on our new list.

Frankly, with what we have seen we expect to see a huge overhaul in terms of the suspected PED users that there will be an increase in their votes but we will be ready to adapt when needed.

In regards to the top 50 of all-time, the Cincinnati Reds are almost ready to be displayed. We are also in the process of unveiling the top 50 Kansas City Royals and Philadelphia Phillies.

As we constantly revise what we have up, or top 50 Washington Nationals will be revised soon.


We will be updating those who are eligible for the 2020 and 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame soon and we will also be unveiling the 2022 potential class.


Wow, what can we say?

We felt that we were blindsided when the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame altered the eligibility, which propelled the prospective Hall of Famers to be potentially represented two years earlier. Needless to say, this is a major priority for us!   Look for that to be revised on our list by late-January at the latest.


You may already know that we are planning to expand all of our core lists. Hockey will see that happen first as we will be increasing it to 150 by springtime.

We will also be unveiling in February our all-time top 50 Dallas Stars.

Fictional Halls:

The Classes of 2017 are up and if you haven’t already voted the 2018 Class, you can do so now!


We have let this one slack, but our 2018 commitment is to produce six new interviews for the year.


Our podcasting plans took a backseat but we look to get that going soon. We will also be producing a lot more random sports and pop culture lists that may not necessarily fit our existing format!

We appreciate all of your support that you have shown us and we here at look forward to making 2018 an even bigger year!
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