Arnel Pineda snubbed? Not Really.

Arnel Pineda snubbed?  Not Really.
02 Nov
Not in Hall of Fame
Is this really a controversy?

Those of you following the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year know that for the first time, Journey was nominated for the Hall.  Going against past tradition, the Cleveland bases institution has announced which members of nominated bands would receive induction.  Current Journey singer, Arnel Pineda is not listed on the ballot, which has made keyboardist, Jonathan Cain a little upset.

“There is no Journey without Arnel right now. He certainly has earned his stripes. He's been with us longer than any lead singer has consecutively stayed in the band. He's given us 10 years straight, not running off or doing this, doing that, just being The Guy. So that's worth something,"

While Pineda has been with them a long time and unquestionably has a voice that can match original singer, Steve Perry, it was Perry who originally sang and recorded the hits…which is what they still play predominantly today.

At present, Journey is doing very well with the fan vote, often a precursor for future induction.  Should that happen could we see a temporary reunion with Perry?

Could be!
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