Meet Haley Reagan, our new spokes model!

Meet Haley Reagan, our new spokes model!
11 Sep
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Every great website needs an identity, and we here at and The Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame decided to go one step further.

We have found ourselves a spokes model, and just in time, as we will be unveiling the Finals for the 2016 FAHOF Class.

Out of Wilmington, North Carolina, we would like to present to you Haley Reagan, an avid sports and pop culture buff who knows how to grill a perfect t-bone and pair it with just the right beer…but enough from us. 

Let’s let Haley tell you about herself!

I grew up in Wisconsin. I think that despite what people think about the Midwest, or WI in particular, it’s the best place to be from.  I once read this thing on Facebook that said Wisconsin girls are the ones you take home to meet your mom, but can out-drink your dad, which couldn’t be more true. 

A large influence in my life was my brother, Mason, who served as a U.S. Marine. He and his best friends taught me pretty much everything I needed to know about growing up. Things like how to throw a punch and shotgun a beer, but also what friendship means, and the fine line between right and wrong. This is starting to sound like a country song… I sincerely apologize.

They also sparked my love for sports; I was the water girl for their football team growing up and loved every minute of it.  The worst part was I wanted to get out there and play but my mom wouldn’t let me. I’ll never let her live that down!

Sports are a big part of my life.  I look forward to different parts of the year based on seasons and play-offs. Life is just really complicated sometimes, and sports aren’t that bad. There are rules and guidelines, but for the most part it’s just up to who played better that day. Nice and simple. Plus, you can always disappear from reality for a bit watching Aaron Rodgers throw a hail-mary, or Cam Newton run in a touchdown. It’s constant, and sometimes that’s nice.

We asked Haley very pertinent questions revolving around the world of sports, fictional sports and what is the perfect beer pairing.

What is your favorite sports movie and why?

Well, this is easy. I grew up watching The Replacements with my brother almost every day. I loved it because of the same reason most guys do –
Annabell. She wasn’t just super hot, but she knew football & was a daddy’s girl, I really identified with her.  And of course I love it because of Falco.  Everybody loves an underdog, and he epitomizes that role. His character represented an all-out good guy, and great football player. And he wins! He gets the girl and wins the game… what more can you ask for?

What is your ideal sporting event to attend live?

A GB Packers vs. Carolina Panthers game. I was born in GB but have been living in the Carolinas for almost 5 years.  It’s sort of like the Packers are my main squeeze but the Panthers are my side chick I can’t break it off with.  I just have a soft spot for them.  Ultimately I would wish for a Packer win though, if I had to choose.

Who is your favorite sports team in each major sport?

I like to keep it local. Green Bay Packers for football,  All of  my aunts, uncles, and cousins still live there and it’s a huge part of my family and who I am.

Baseball it’s the Brewers, because, well, have you ever tailgated at a Brewer’s game before?  Yeah, shit gets wild. I know that is a bad reason…But they are the only baseball team I’ve really been able to watch. You don’t really have to expect a whole lot from them but a good time.

As far as basketball, let me premise this by saying I have really strong feelings about basketball.  I get really angry watching it, but that is because I’m used to contact sports where people can handle a nudge or a shove, and it makes me CRAZY that basketball players fly back and throw their hands up every time someone looks their way. Anyway, I really have enjoyed watching the Golden State Warriors and seeing Steph Curry do his thing.  I think he’s awesome for the game, and I’m all about heart – which that guy definitely has.

Hockey, now this is going to seem like it’s coming from left-field but the Philadelphia Flyers. I’ve had a chance to go to plenty of their games, and I love the atmosphere. Part of what I love about a team is their fanbase…

I get real deep and ask myself, what do I want to be a part of?

For Hockey, it’s the Flyers. If you really look into their history of being the most badass bunch of dudes in the NHL, it’s both interesting and exciting to me.

This season, a bit of a letdown, but the best part about sports is there’s always next season.

Golf is an easy one. Rory McIlroy. I just love the guy. I think he’s got so much talent, and such a way about him. He has the ability to conquer the game better than anyone because he’s got control of his thoughts (for the most part). That’s the secret after all, it’s a head game.

It has to be asked.  What is the best beer to watch sports with?

Why thank you for asking. If I’m back home in WI, it’s Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing Co. (I’ll be expecting my free case, thank you!). But, since moving to the Carolinas I’ve taken on another favorite, Yuengling. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s not a Chinese beer. I only say that because I actually went to a bar the few first months I was down here and asked for “That Chinese beer” and got a look like I had seven heads. Hey, not every moment is a proud one. But yeah, Yuengling is a great game-day beer without question.
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