WWE Hall of Fame News

WWE Hall of Fame News
05 Mar
Not in Hall of Fame
There has been a little bit of WWE Hall of Fame news to report, most specifically with the inductees for the three confirmed inductors for this year’s class.

On his recent podcast, Ric Flair confirmed that he would be inducting Sting to the WWE Hall of Fame.  Sting and Flair were rivals for years in the NWA/WCW and it was Flair who Sting defeated to win his first World Heavyweight Title, which transpired at the 1990 Great American Bash.  With the possible exception of Lex Luger, it is near impossible to come up with a better inductor for Sting.

Earlier this week, it was also confirmed that Kevin Von Erich will be inducting the Fabulous Freebirds.  Kevin, the lone surviving member of the Von Erich Clan, was part of the early 80’s feud between the siblings and the Freebirds, which propelled the World Class territory to huge business.

The Godfather will be inducted by JBL and Ron Simmons, who were longtime road partners of the man known personally as Charles Wright.  As JBL has been announced is an inductor, the speculation that JBL will be inducted himself appears to be negated. 

Who else will be selected?

A leak had indicated that Regis Philbin will enter in the celebrity wing and Jacqueline will be this year’s female inductee.

We will certainly be watching to see if this will be the case and as always we will have our eyes on this intensely. 

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